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Someone Left Their Phone At Little Caesars And Found This On Their iCloud

September 19, 2017 / 1,178 views

A woman picking up food at Little Caesars accidentally left her phone on the counter. A few hours later, this video was uploaded on her iCloud.

Cute Dog Interrupts Soccer Match, Later Gives Interview

September 19, 2017 / 671 views

A dog that ran onto the field during a soccer match was given the opportunity to explain his behavior in a post-game interview.

Son Hears Dad's Guitar For The First Time. His Reaction Is Priceless

September 18, 2017 / 1,464 views

Dad plays guitar for his son who is completely taken over by the music.

Bill Murray And Matt Damon Lose It Over A Picture Of Hugh Bonneville

September 18, 2017 / 1,270 views

Matt Damon and Bill Murray laughing uncontrollably over lipstick and a woolly jumper.

Guy On Disability Learns He Owns A Very Rare Blanket And It Changes His Life Forever

September 18, 2017 / 2,805 views

A disabled man struggling to get by watches Antiques Roadshow's most expensive item episode and realizes he has same item -- and it changed his life forever.

Sign Language Interpreter Warned Of Bears, Pizza, And Monsters During Irma Briefing

September 16, 2017 / 1,983 views

When you lie on your resume but still get the job.

Watch This Husky Try So Hard To Befriend The New Kitten

September 16, 2017 / 2,905 views

In this video, a husky is trying so hard to be accepted by the family's new kitten. This is the first time they've met, so the dog is being extremely submissive but can still tell the kitten is tense and frightened.

Is This The Most Insane Timelapse Ever?

September 16, 2017 / 1,269 views

It took him 3 years to shoot this selfie timelapse video.

Clever Buzzard Uses A Rock To Crack Open An Egg

September 16, 2017 / 728 views

A buzzard at Featherdale Wildlife Park surprised onlookers after it used a rock to crack open an egg

This Guy's 'Despacito' And Linkin Park Mashup Is Awesome

September 14, 2017 / 992 views

The Despacito And Linkin Park mashup you didn't know you needed in your life.

Friends Suggest Accents Mid-Sentence And He Nails Every Single One

September 14, 2017 / 2,026 views

This guy can nail every accent.

This 30-Day Timelapse Video Of A Cargo Ship Out At Sea Is Stunning

September 13, 2017 / 2,276 views

This is a 30-day timelapse video, about 80,000 photos combined, of a cargo ship out at sea.

This Video Of Grandpa Making His Grandson Laugh Will Take All Your Blues Away

September 13, 2017 / 2,585 views

There is nothing sweeter than a baby's laugh.

Have You Ever Seen A Groom This Happy To See His Bride?

September 13, 2017 / 2,408 views

Groom is really happy to see his bride.

Mother And Baby White Giraffes Spotted In Kenya By Conservation Group

September 13, 2017 / 1,401 views

White giraffes have been spotted by a conservation group in northeastern Kenya.

I Can't Stop Watching This Happy Little Bird Strut To The Beach Boys

September 13, 2017 / 1,651 views

If you start every day with this video, you will have a wonderful day.

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