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Passionate Kindergarten Teacher Gives Tour Of New Classroom She Paid For Herself

August 12, 2019 / 1,445 views

A kindergarten teacher gives a tour of the brand new Disney-themed classroom she paid for out of her own pocket.

Drivers Stop To Let 45 Ducks Cross The Road During Rush Hour Traffic

August 12, 2019 / 892 views

Traffic came to a standstill in one coastal Maine town last week as 45 ducks made their way across a busy highway.

Trash Collectors Surprise One Of Their Favorite Customers On Her 100th Birthday

August 10, 2019 / 2,811 views

Bin collectors surprise a woman on their route with a birthday cake on her 100th birthday.

Baby Duck Reunites With Siblings After Being Rehabbed

August 10, 2019 / 2,064 views

The best unboxing video.

Golden Retriever Mom Rescues A Kitten

August 09, 2019 / 2,984 views

That's motherhood. The most holy thing.

Street Performer Takes A Moment To Dance With A Fan

August 09, 2019 / 1,572 views

A street performer in Madrid took a moment to dance with a man who was thoroughly enjoying the performance -- and the video has captivated thousands of people on Twitter.

This Cat Took A Nap In The Middle Of A Busy Restaurant's Floor

August 09, 2019 / 2,373 views

A cat named Thongdang was filmed sleeping on her back in the middle of the floor of a restuarant in central Thailand.

Japanese High School Marching Band Puts On An Impressive Performance

August 08, 2019 / 5,302 views

This is the Kyoto Tachibana SHS Band.

This Video Of A Boy And His Dog Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

August 08, 2019 / 3,250 views

These two are definitely best friends.

Cat Gang Assembles In Garage After Homeowner Forgets To Close It At Night

August 08, 2019 / 2,889 views

My wife and I forgot to close the garage last night. I think it became the meeting place for a secret cat gang.

Golden Retriever Gets Distracted By Another Beautiful Golden -- His Reflection

August 08, 2019 / 19,103 views

Golden retriever is stunned by his own reflection.

Massive Herd Of Elk Gather At Oregon Home

August 07, 2019 / 8,424 views

Woman films a herd of elk gather at a neighbor's home before marching down the street.

French Bulldog Never Lets The Beach Ball Hit The Ground

August 07, 2019 / 5,814 views

You know that game where you can't let the ball hit the ground? This dog is a pro.

Choir Surprises Retiring Pilot With Farewell Song After His Final Flight

August 07, 2019 / 1,640 views

Members of the St. Anthony on the Lake choir surprised American Airlines Captain Brian Lenzen by singing an Irish blessing after his retirement flight from Dublin to Chicago.

Pro Fishermen Take Bodybuilders Out To Try And Reel In The Strongest Fish

August 07, 2019 / 3,157 views

The strongest men vs the strongest fish.

The Full House Intro - But Every Character Is Nick Offerman

August 07, 2019 / 2,092 views

Full House of Mustaches.

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