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Husky Accepts Man's Friend Request

March 12, 2018 / 3,066 views

Neighboring husky returns an awwwoooo!

This Fabulous Flamingo LOVES The Attention!

March 11, 2018 / 1,574 views

People start clapping for this flamingo and the bird is absolutely loving the attention.

Husky Tries Everything To Wake Up A Sleepy Pig

March 11, 2018 / 2,118 views

A very persistent dog tries everything to wake up a sleepy pig.

20-Year-Old Guitarist Performs Insanely Complex Cover Of 'Take On Me'

March 11, 2018 / 2,693 views

Alexandr Misko is a 20-year-old guitarist from Russia. He plays incredible fingerstyle covers of popular songs, as well as original songs.

Spider Lets Man Remove The Carpet Fibers Wrapped Around Its Feet

March 10, 2018 / 16,925 views

This spider is not a pet! A man in Austin, Texas, recorded a video of himself performing 'surgery' on a wolf spider that allows him to untangle him from the carpet fibers wrapped around his feet.

No One Can Lift These Buckets Filled With Coins, Then A Little Girl Does It With No Problem

March 09, 2018 / 3,116 views

The strongest girl in the world.

Jason Isbell's Live Performance Of 'Cover Me Up' Will Hit You Right In The Core

March 09, 2018 / 1,000 views

Jason Isbell performs 'Cover Me Up' live on Austin City Limits.

A Stunning 'Pirate Anthem' Cover Of 'Toxicity' By System Of A Down

March 09, 2018 / 1,112 views

Robyn Adele Anderson performs unique jazz covers of popular songs. Her latest cover is a pirate anthem of System of a Down's 'Toxicity'.

The Deepest Dive In Antarctica Reveals A Sea Floor Teeming With Life

March 09, 2018 / 1,526 views

The exotic creatures we found there will astonish you.

'I'm Gonna Do It': Truck Driver Loses Self Control, Embraces His Inner Child

March 09, 2018 / 3,769 views

Semi truck driver loses all self-control.

Little Girl Plays Her Concertina For The Cows And They Love It

March 08, 2018 / 4,290 views

A little girl named Grace plays her concertina for the cows in Kilmichael Cork, a village in Ireland.

Chris Hemsworth Dancing While Jumping Rope Is Going To Make Your Day

March 08, 2018 / 4,916 views

Thor is such a goofy dad.

Labrador Outsmarts Corgi To Keep His Precious Bone

March 08, 2018 / 2,384 views

Boo the corgi wants everything that Indy the lab has. When Boo tries to take Indy's favorite bone, he gives him the ol' bait and switch.

Elephant Wants Rhinos To Scram, So He Tosses A Rock And Splashes Them

March 08, 2018 / 2,165 views

Cheeky elephant throws a rock and splashes a young rhinoceros.

This Robot Just Solved A Rubik's Cube In 0.38 Seconds

March 08, 2018 / 1,818 views

Checkmate humans. 0.38 second Rubik's cube solve.

The Mystery Box: The Funniest Sesame Street Sketch Ever

March 08, 2018 / 2,075 views

This Sesame Street scene never fails to make me laugh.

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