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'God Really Watched Over Me': Hero Sprints Across Highway To Save Driver In Distress

February 08, 2023 / 1,834 views

A Massachusetts man is being hailed as a hero after sprinting across four lanes of highway traffic to save a driver in distress.

'He Is Saving Me Money And Helping': Boy Sells Fresh Eggs To Local Bakery

February 07, 2023 / 1,423 views

An 11-year-old is supplying a local bakery with farm-fresh eggs for half the price.

These Grandmothers Are Changing The Mental Health Industry

February 07, 2023 / 1,478 views

A group of grandmothers in Zimbabwe is helping the world reimagine mental health care. They call it the Friendship Bench.

A Student Needed Medical Care And A Home. His Teacher Adopted Him

February 06, 2023 / 2,112 views

A first-grade teacher in Connecticut has officially adopted her former student who was born with sickle cell anemia and was living in foster care.

At 5 Years Old, She Donated Her Piggy Bank To Help Others. At 18, She Wins $48M Jackpot

February 06, 2023 / 7,586 views

A first-time lottery player from northern Ontario has won a $48-million jackpot, becoming the youngest Canadian ever to win such a big prize.

30-Year-Old Rafeiro Do Alentejo Breaks Record For World's Oldest Dog Ever

February 04, 2023 / 2,212 views

A Rafeiro do Alentejo named Bobi has been confirmed as both the world's oldest living dog, and the world's oldest dog ever by Guinness World Records.

$40K Raised For Woman Who Returned A Bag Of $15,000 In Cash

February 03, 2023 / 9,246 views

More than $40,000 has been raised to help an honest Michigan woman after she returned a bag full of cash.

He Prayed For Help. Two Days Later, A Random Encounter Changed His Life Forever

February 03, 2023 / 24,381 views

Late last year, Amy and her husband Erik performed an act of kindness for a man in a wheelchair. That kindness ended up being life-changing for both parties involved.

H-E-B Employees Go Above And Beyond For Fatigued Customer

February 02, 2023 / 2,607 views

H-E-B grocery store employees went above and beyond to help a struggling, pregnant woman.

'They Changed My Life': Engineering Students Create Robotic Hand For New Classmate

February 01, 2023 / 8,115 views

Engineering students at Hendersonville High School in Tennessee built their new classmate a life-changing robotic hand.

'We Were Just, Tears!': Group Leaves $4,600 Tip At Restaurant

January 31, 2023 / 3,348 views

This group of friends comes together once a year with the hope of making a difference.

MrBeast Helps 1,000 Blind People See Again

January 30, 2023 / 3,722 views

American YouTuber MrBeast is using his success to do some good. In his most recent video, he cured 1,000 people's blindness by paying for their eye-surgery.

28 People Form Human Chain To Rescue Dolphin From Creek

January 27, 2023 / 3,703 views

More than two dozen people teamed up to rescue a dolphin from a creek in Clearwater, Florida.

100-Year-Old Veteran Shares His Passion For Reading With Kids At His Local Elementary School

January 26, 2023 / 3,685 views

A 100-year-old reading volunteer has been awarded a British Empire Medal in the 2023 New Year Honours.

Missing Diver Rescued By Family After Being Swept Away By Current

January 25, 2023 / 3,379 views

A 22-year-old was rescued by his family after getting caught in a powerful current while diving off the coast of Key West, Florida. He was missing for hours.

Mom's Kindness To A Stranger Is Rewarded With Eagle's Playoff Tickets

January 24, 2023 / 4,276 views

A mother and son in Philadelphia were surprised with $500 and NFL playoff tickets after an act of kindness.

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