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She Wrote A Beautiful Song Using Only Noah Centineo Tweets

August 16, 2019 / 853 views

A 22-year-old singer in Michigan wrote a beautiful song -- but the lyrics are all tweets from actor Noah Centineo.

Dad Surprises Son Who LOVES Flags With American Flag Air Dancer

August 15, 2019 / 9,977 views

His reaction is priceless.

Man Gets Surprised With Life-Changing Dental Surgery

August 15, 2019 / 1,201 views

Dillon went to the dentist expecting to have a tooth pulled. He got so much more.

Bobcat That Fell Asleep On The Porch Is Woken Up By The House Cat

August 14, 2019 / 3,394 views

Indoor cat and bobcat meet.

The Dog Has Arthritis In His Shoulders, So The Cat Gives Him Shoulder Massages

August 14, 2019 / 1,460 views

This is Kooga, he has arthritis in his shoulders, but his friend Sidney is giving him a little shoulder massage.

Cat Rolls Over Every Time He Hears The Word 'Spaghetti'

August 13, 2019 / 1,450 views

This adorable cat always twists and rolls over whenever it hears the word spaghetti.

Drivers Stop To Let 45 Ducks Cross The Road During Rush Hour Traffic

August 12, 2019 / 892 views

Traffic came to a standstill in one coastal Maine town last week as 45 ducks made their way across a busy highway.

Trash Collectors Surprise One Of Their Favorite Customers On Her 100th Birthday

August 10, 2019 / 2,811 views

Bin collectors surprise a woman on their route with a birthday cake on her 100th birthday.

Baby Duck Reunites With Siblings After Being Rehabbed

August 10, 2019 / 2,064 views

The best unboxing video.

Golden Retriever Mom Rescues A Kitten

August 09, 2019 / 2,984 views

That's motherhood. The most holy thing.

Street Performer Takes A Moment To Dance With A Fan

August 09, 2019 / 1,572 views

A street performer in Madrid took a moment to dance with a man who was thoroughly enjoying the performance -- and the video has captivated thousands of people on Twitter.

This Video Of A Boy And His Dog Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes

August 08, 2019 / 3,250 views

These two are definitely best friends.

Choir Surprises Retiring Pilot With Farewell Song After His Final Flight

August 07, 2019 / 1,640 views

Members of the St. Anthony on the Lake choir surprised American Airlines Captain Brian Lenzen by singing an Irish blessing after his retirement flight from Dublin to Chicago.

Judge Lets 96-Year-Old Father Off The Hook In Tear-Jerking Video

August 06, 2019 / 3,969 views

'Here you are in your 90s and you're still taking care of your family.'

Biker Helps Man Who Ran Out Of Gas

August 05, 2019 / 1,328 views

A good Samaritan helps a guy who ran out of gas.

Kids Help Boy With Cerebral Palsy At Water Park

August 04, 2019 / 4,137 views

One of the obstacles Jeffrey faces with cerebral palsy is that his muscles get tight making it hard for him to walk. Today at the water park he was having a hard time walking but, his friends pushed him to keep going and never left him behind.

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