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The Moment This Brother And Sister Reunite, 4 Days After He Saved Her Life

September 21, 2023 / 815 views

On September 6, 2021, little Rose drowned in the pool. Her brother Eric, who was only 18 at the time, found her and pulled her out. He immediately performed CPR on Rose and it saved her life.

Heartwarming Surprise: Pony Brightens Nursing Home Resident's Day

September 21, 2023 / 620 views

A pony surprised this woman at a nursing home and it made her day.

A Heartwarming Adventure: Dad Takes Toddler Daughter Camping

September 21, 2023 / 595 views

There's something undeniably heartwarming about this video of a dad and his daughter embarking on a camping adventure together.

Toddler Goes Viral For Her Adorable Scottish Accent

September 20, 2023 / 1,825 views

I have honestly never thought about how Scottish babies exist.

The Moment This Lost Dog Realizes Her Family Finally Found Her

September 19, 2023 / 2,712 views

The lost Siberian husky was found 240 miles from home.

Mama Deer Brings Newborn Baby To Meet Her Human Friend

September 18, 2023 / 1,171 views

A woman in New Jersey befriended a herd of deer and was over the moon when the group brought a newborn fawn.

Dog Gets Scolded For His Crimes

September 16, 2023 / 1,835 views

This adorable little girl named Daniela was caught scolding Dobby for peeing on the couch.

Good Samaritans Work Together And Rescue Ducklings From Sewer

September 14, 2023 / 1,070 views

A group of people work together to save ducklings that fell into the sewer.

Pet Cockatoo Narrowly Escapes Baby, Says 'Goodbye' While Walking Away

September 14, 2023 / 1,567 views

This smart Cockatoo is still getting used to his human brother's recent mobility.

Baby Deer Trapped In Fence 'Meeps' For Help From Human

September 14, 2023 / 1,044 views

This good Samaritan rescued the most adorable fawn after it got stuck behind a fence.

'So This Was A First For Me': Robert Irwin Removes Python From Vending Machine

September 13, 2023 / 1,721 views

Steve Irwin's son, Robert, helped remove a python from a vending machine.

One By One, This Pit Bull Brings Her Newborn Puppies To Her Foster Mom's Lap

September 13, 2023 / 2,287 views

My sweet foster dog Grayce came to me three weeks ago. She was ready to find a safe place to have her pups. She found me. I'd say by this video she feels somewhat safe.

Hidden Camera Captures Murder Of Crows Waiting Patiently In Line For Snacks At Birdfeeder

September 12, 2023 / 1,531 views

This AI-powered birdfeeder notifies you of bird visitors and captures their photos/videos.

Baby Giraffe Is Not Sure How To Position His Long Neck For A Nap

September 11, 2023 / 1,931 views

Baby giraffe doesn't know what to do with his long neck.

Autistic Non-Verbal 7-Year-Old Speaks Directly To His Mother For The First Time

September 11, 2023 / 6,491 views

The priceless moment was captured on camera.

This Type Of Kiss Should Be Sold At The Pharmacy

September 11, 2023 / 1,094 views

He is still processing what just happened.

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