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She Thought The Waiter Was Cute. This Is What Her Dad Did

November 30, 2023 / 1,094 views

Dad hilariously trolls his daughter at a restaurant because she has a crush on the waiter.

Golden Retriever Can't Figure Out How To Get Her Stick Inside The House

November 28, 2023 / 1,032 views

A golden retriever gets frustrated when she can't fit her stick through the door!

What If Parents Acted Like Kids? Watch This Couple's Hilarious Video

November 28, 2023 / 1,606 views

100 percent accurate. It's like we are raising the same kids.

Alligator Named 'Darth Gator' Only Comes To Its Caretaker When His Own Music Is Played

November 27, 2023 / 2,379 views

In the heart of the Florida Everglades, where nature thrives in its untamed beauty, lies a haven for rescued alligators that doubles as an unexpected stage for one particularly unique reptilian resident—Darth Gator.

Couple Can't Stop Laughing At 'Ubark' Driver

November 24, 2023 / 1,894 views

Poor guy just trying to make a living.

How Not To Handle An Aggressive Dog

November 21, 2023 / 2,311 views

A staff member at this animal hospital in Arizona was given an unforgettable lesson on dealing with an aggressive dog.

Bedside Humor: Twin Brothers Lighten The Mood With Funny Hospital Prank

November 17, 2023 / 1,773 views

Imagine these two as children. Their poor mother.

Toddler Asked To Rock Baby Brother Starts Singing 'We Will Rock You'

November 16, 2023 / 2,737 views

He really said 'ROCK the baby'.

Dog Fakes Injury But Instantly Recovers When Suggested He Cannot Go For A Walk

November 15, 2023 / 2,604 views

It wasn't until Harry realized he could not go for a walk with an injured paw that it suddenly healed itself!

Lemurs Singing Is Absolutely Hilarious

November 15, 2023 / 1,894 views

The faces lemurs make when singing is too funny.

Owner Reads Mean Comments About Her Cat, Shrek

November 10, 2023 / 1,973 views

Shrek the cat is loved by so many people. But he looks a little different than most cats.

A Brother's Hilarious Reaction To His Swaddled Sister's 'Missing' Parts

November 09, 2023 / 3,356 views

A little boy meets his baby sister for the first time. But he was confused.

Opossum Interrupts College Football Game, Becomes Angry When He Has To Leave

November 08, 2023 / 1,534 views

In this unforgettable moment captured on video, an uninvited guest in the form of a determined opossum made a surprising appearance on the field during last weekend's game between TCU and Texas Tech.

Trick-Or-Treaters Dressed As Martians From Sesame Street And Nailed It!

November 07, 2023 / 2,538 views

A pair of trick-or-treaters decided to take their Halloween costumes to a whole new level this year by becoming Martians from Sesame Street, and let me tell you, they absolutely nailed it!

Golfers Fight For Their Lives Against Dive-Bombing Birds In Hilarious Video

November 06, 2023 / 2,447 views

Birds attack golfers on the golf course in this hilarious video.

Golden Retriever Changes His Mind, But Is It Too Late?

November 03, 2023 / 19,444 views

This is the best hidden treat video ever. He totally changed his mind.

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