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Stabilized Footage Of The Bigfoot Film From 1967

March 22, 2023 / 1,141 views

I think the stabilized version makes it look even more like a man in a gorilla suit.

Use Ice To Fix That Annoying Rug Corner Curl

March 21, 2023 / 724 views

How do you get your rug corners to stop curling up? Use ice overnight.

Trail Cam Captures Video Of Lynx Screaming

March 16, 2023 / 2,022 views

Lynx make long, wailing calls to attract mates.

Elephant Tests If The Fence Is Electrified Before Breaking It

March 16, 2023 / 1,369 views

An elephant never forgets.

Man Saves Donkey From Raging Flood Waters

March 14, 2023 / 1,144 views

This brave man risked his own life to save a donkey trapped in flooding waters.

3-Year-Old Saves Baby Brother From Choking

March 09, 2023 / 2,058 views

People can't get over how mature this toddler is for his age. He went from playing to 'mom-mode' in seconds.

Karen Carpenter's Isolated Vocals While Singing 'Close To You' Will Give You Chills

March 08, 2023 / 4,450 views

Karen Carpenter is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time. She had a distinctive three-octave contralto range.

Woman Makes Peace Offering With An Agitated Elephant

March 07, 2023 / 3,070 views

It felt like time truly stood still right here.

Man Assembles A LEGO Tuna Just To Pretend To Slice It Up Like A Sushi Chef

March 02, 2023 / 1,255 views

Amazing attention to detail in this stop motion video of a sushi chef.

Senior Living Residents Re-Create Rihanna's Super Bowl Halftime Show

March 01, 2023 / 1,869 views

Seniors at Arcadia Senior Living Bowling Green in Kentucky have become TikTok stars after their latest video went viral on the social media platform.

Musician Performs 'Free Bird' Guitar Solo On Bagpipes

March 01, 2023 / 1,627 views

Ally the Piper plays the 'Free Bird' solo on the bagpipes.

Bird's 'Ding Dong Ditch' Is Captured On Doorbell Cam

February 28, 2023 / 1,447 views

This bird rang the doorbell and flew off.

Man Builds Dream House For A Frog He Found Living In His Fence

February 27, 2023 / 3,947 views

His living situation improved by leaps and bounds.

13-Year-Old Blind Girl With Autism Plays Chopin Flawlessly On Public Piano

February 27, 2023 / 81,100 views

A blind 13-year-old girl with disabilities stunned passersby at a train station in Birmingham, UK, as she flawlessly performed Chopin's Nocturne Op.9 No.1 on the piano.

A Bobsled Ride That Runs Through The Mountains In Switzerland

February 25, 2023 / 2,115 views

Added to my bucket list. I'm sure the video does it no justice.

This Middle School Band Crushed 'Sweet Child O Mine' At Their Holiday Concert

February 23, 2023 / 4,663 views

This music director for this school is what we need in all the schools.

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