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Will Ferrell Crashes Concert, Gives Coldplay's Chris Martin More Cowbell

October 09, 2018 / 4,393 views

I got a fever! And the only prescription is more cowbell.

Police Station Sets Up Water And Food Dispenser For Homeless Dogs

October 09, 2018 / 11,116 views

A police station in Peru has set up a food and water dispenser for homeless dogs.

Little Girl Lip Syncs 'Girls Like You' With Daddy And It's The Cutest Thing Ever

October 08, 2018 / 156,747 views

A little girl lip syncs with Dad to 'Girls Like You' by Maroon 5.

Dog Jumps For Joy When He Sees His Dog Sitter

October 08, 2018 / 5,095 views

Max was VERY excited to see his dog sitter!

The Incredible Moment This Man Finds His Dog In The Streets 3 Years After He Lost Him

October 08, 2018 / 21,429 views

A man in Tbilisi, Georgia, had lost his dog about three years ago and received a phone call from a shop owner to let him know that a dog which looks a lot like his was sleeping in front of her shop.

Little Girl Tells Mom She Wants A Boyfriend

October 07, 2018 / 5,833 views

Why do you think you need a boyfriend, Madison? Because I love boys.

Hilarious Video Shows German Shepherd Eating Spilled Treats From Behind Closed Door

October 06, 2018 / 5,205 views

Zeus the German Shepherd was put in the other room while the spilled treats were cleaned up.

Barbershop Quartet Mixes Comedy With Cover Of 'All Star' By Smash Mouth

October 06, 2018 / 15,841 views

The Newfangled Four is a barbershop quartet based in Southern California. Members Jackson, Ryan, Jake, and Joey mix comedy into their routines and it has won them many competitions.

An Extremely Realistic 3D Painting Of A Cat

October 06, 2018 / 6,993 views

It's so realistic it moves!

The Funniest Self Defense Video I've Ever Seen

October 05, 2018 / 8,624 views

Self defense level 1000.

Guy In Crocodile Mask Can't Stop Laughing At Himself While Eating Chips

October 05, 2018 / 7,342 views

This is the laugh of pure joy.

Andrea Bocelli Sings Duet With His Son For The First Time

October 05, 2018 / 110,019 views

This is the first time Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo sing together. It's absolutely beautiful.

Elderly Man Helps Stray Dog By Letting It Drink Water From His Hands

October 05, 2018 / 2,233 views

An act of pure love. Watch as this elderly man takes trip after trip to let a stray dog drink water from his hands.

Someone Put Their Dog In A Crocodile Costume And Let It Chase People At Night

October 04, 2018 / 29,287 views

A french bulldog dressed as a scary crocodile makes people run for their lives.

Cubs Fans Cheer On A Rat Who's Trying To Leap To Freedom

October 04, 2018 / 3,682 views

Cubs fans took their eyes off the game to rally around a persistent rat at Wrigley Field.

They Don't Let You In The Opera (If You're A Country Star)

October 04, 2018 / 3,460 views

Actress and singer Kelli O'Hara performs 'They Don't Let You In The Opera (If You're A Country Star)' live at the Disney Theatre.

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