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3-Year-Old Is A Black Belt At Following Directions But Not At Breaking Boards

September 08, 2018 / 5,537 views

During a Taekwondo demo in Puerto Rico, a 3-year-old girl has to break a board with her foot. But the little girl does not understand what she has to do, she simply imitates what the instructor shows her without hitting the board with her foot.

Workers Have To Start Over After Friendly Chicken Ruins Freshly Paved Concrete

September 08, 2018 / 6,832 views

Workers in Mooroolbark Victoria, Australia had to redo their cement job thanks to a curious chicken.

Son Scares Dad Right Off His Lawnmower And We Can't Stop Laughing

September 08, 2018 / 9,714 views

Corey Smith loves scaring his father and this prank is going leave you in stitches. He drove up behind him on the lawnmower and honked the horn. Dad panics and jumps off.

Man Finds Out He's Wearing His Helmet Wrong

September 07, 2018 / 4,493 views

That's not how you wear a helmet.

This David Blaine Street Magic Parody Is Absolutely Hilarious

September 07, 2018 / 3,382 views

David Blaine terrorizes two innocent victims with his bizarre magic tricks. The way he stares at the camera, I lost it.

Husband Has The Best Reaction To Finding Out He's Going To Be A Father

September 07, 2018 / 4,899 views

Like a five year old getting a shiny new bike on his birthday.

Couple Heading To Dinner Spots A Deer And Dog Hanging Out Together

September 06, 2018 / 3,616 views

A couple driving to dinner spot a deer and a dog in the distance.

Mother Hen Shields Her Chicks From The Rain To Keep Them Warm

September 06, 2018 / 4,265 views

This mother hen keeping her chicks dry during a storm pretty much sums up motherhood.

This 68-Year-Old Woman Singing 'Highway To Hell' Will Make Your Day

September 06, 2018 / 4,250 views

If you think Jenny Darren is your average 68-year-old retiree then think again...

This Dog Judging Food Is Everything

September 05, 2018 / 5,958 views

Maya the Samoa tests food.

Man Jumps Off Tour Boat To Save Walrus From Fishing Net

September 05, 2018 / 2,716 views

A true hero. This man saw a walrus entangled in fishing net and raced off the boat to save it before it went into the water.

1 Second Of Every 'Office' Episode Might Be The Best 4 Minutes Of Your Life

September 05, 2018 / 5,431 views

A video compilation of every single one of the 201 episodes of The Office.

Wife Can't Stop Laughing While Telling A Funny Story

September 05, 2018 / 2,413 views

This is adorable. She tries to tell a funny story while laughing the whole time.

Coworkers Pitch In And Surprise Man With New Bike After His Was Stolen At Work

September 04, 2018 / 2,630 views

Charles, an employee at Boston Pizza Corner Brook, recently left work one day to realize his bike had been stolen from the parking lot.

Penguin Says Goodbye To Rescuer And Starts His New Life

September 04, 2018 / 5,061 views

Penguin says goodbye and I love you, thanks for adopting me, but I will start my life now.

'I Never Thought I'd See Her Again': Elderly Sisters Living In Different Countries Reunite

September 04, 2018 / 2,953 views

A 96-year-old woman who lives alone in South Carolina was reunited with her 86-year-old sister who lives in the U.K. The two sisters have not seen each other in over 10 years and did not think they would ever see one another again.

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