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Guy Forgets He Has A Family After Anesthesia

June 07, 2019 / 8,731 views

This is so wholesome! He feels like he hit the lottery learning about his family.

The Most Adorable Sneak Attack From A Not-So-Stealthy Puppy

June 07, 2019 / 4,922 views

The most successful unsneak attack of all time.

Dog Gives Baby A Sliding Kiss

June 07, 2019 / 2,791 views

I will give you a sliding kiss.

Frightened Stray Dog Chooses Love Over Food

June 06, 2019 / 2,284 views

Amir Hosein, who lives in Iran, spends his time helping and feeding stray dogs.

Farmer 'Stealing' Chicken Eggs Goes Viral

June 06, 2019 / 2,470 views

A farmer in China has to trick and/or negotiate with one of his chickens in order to get her eggs.

Watch This Baby Have A Full Conversation With His Dad

June 06, 2019 / 60,356 views

I have to agree with the baby here, he makes excellent points.

Guy's Hibachi Demonstration Will Have You Laughing Uncontrollably

June 05, 2019 / 2,807 views

Hibachi training: Day 1.

Cat Enters Sleeve, Becomes Cocoon, Mermaid, Then Cat Again

June 05, 2019 / 1,979 views

This is just too cute and funny. Maru the cat enters a sleeve and seems to be quite content. Watching him try to get out of it will make your day.

The Special Friendship Between A St. Bernard And His 95-Year-Old Neighbor

June 05, 2019 / 2,854 views

Your heart will melt and your spirit will soar when you come to understand the lovely friendship between a 95-year-old Dutch woman named Sally and a 2-year-old St. Bernard named Brody.

Guy Spends 2 Years Driving Through Europe In A Van Rigged As A Studio And Records Street Musicians

June 05, 2019 / 970 views

A sound engineer spent 24 months driving through 25 European countries to record the most talented street musicians who don't have the means to share their talent outside their home cities.

This Dog's Happy Hops Dance When His Owner Returns Is The Best Ever

June 04, 2019 / 5,714 views

I can't stop watching this. When Maximus gets excited, he trots.

Man Plays The Recorder Like His Life Depends On It

June 04, 2019 / 7,246 views

He definitely got his recorder black belt in elementary school.

This 'Lego In Real Life' Stop Motion Is Awesome

June 04, 2019 / 1,802 views

A boy attempts to make a wooden duck... using Lego.

Couple Travels To China To Meet Their Baby Girl For The First Time

June 03, 2019 / 1,586 views

Will and Kara traveled across the world to China to adopt a beautiful baby girl.

Experience The Underwater World Through The Eyes Of A Free Diver

June 03, 2019 / 1,107 views

Free diver Guillaume Nery takes you on an underwater journey that will take your breath away.

Dentist Fixes Teen's Teeth For Free After Skateboarding Accident

June 01, 2019 / 2,292 views

A teenager suffered a skateboarding accident in the final of the world championship and hurt his mouth. When this dentist got to know about this, he offered to do his treatment at no cost.

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