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Cockatoo Laughs Exactly Like Grandma, Who Recently Passed Away

December 06, 2023 / 657 views

Grandma's laugh is eternal.

Firefighters Rescue A Cat Who Got Stuck Under A Steel Wall

December 05, 2023 / 836 views

Chicago firefighters helped free a cat who got trapped underneath a steel wall.

Delivery Driver Pets Cat On Every Delivery, But On This Day He Could Not

December 05, 2023 / 2,109 views

This Amazon delivery driver would pet this family's cat every time he made a delivery. But the cat recently passed away. This video shows him searching for him.

A Magical Moment: Strangers Caught On Camera Singing 'Fairytale of New York' Together In Dublin

December 05, 2023 / 1,662 views

A camera in Dublin captured an enchanting moment that is now spreading joy far beyond its local audience.

Husband Falls To His Knees When Surprised By Dad After 15 Years

December 04, 2023 / 1,882 views

A heartwarming video capturing the surprise reunion of a man and his father after a long 15-years is bringing tears and joy to millions of viewers.

Mesmerizing Slow-Motion Footage Shows Woodpecker Land And Eat From Woman's Hand

December 04, 2023 / 1,431 views

A male Red-bellied Woodpecker glides in from the edge of the forest to grab a suet nugget.

Every Morning, Tiptoe The Tortoise Bursts Out Of His House With A Purpose

December 04, 2023 / 1,477 views

In the heartwarming realm of unique animal companionships, a California woman's extraordinary 22-year friendship with her tortoise named TipToe has taken the internet by storm.

A Father Asks His 3-Year-Old Son 'What's The Secret To Happiness?'

December 01, 2023 / 3,192 views

I just love learning from my kids.

Man Catches The World's Most Venomous Fish

December 01, 2023 / 1,630 views

If you ever come across one of these grumpy looking guys, swim far, far away. Although listed in the Guinness Book of Animal Records as the world's most venomous fish, the stonefish is responsible for remarkably very few recorded human deaths. With timely me

Father Comes Home From Afghanistan To Surprise His Son Before His Game

December 01, 2023 / 5,518 views

A father returns from Afghanistan to surprise his son before a football game.

This Boy Is Living The Dream In His 'Baby Cave'

December 01, 2023 / 1,529 views

This little boy has his own apartment in the house. It actually looks really cozy and safe.

Edward, The World's Cutest Snail, Has A Snack

November 30, 2023 / 992 views

I didn't know snails can be cute like this.

The Most Wholesome Christmas Morning Reaction Ever

November 30, 2023 / 1,887 views

A child's innocence and wonder. The magic of Christmas.

Sweet Grandma Misses Her Grandkids, Asks The Neighbor's Kids To Visit Her More

November 30, 2023 / 1,504 views

This grandma is feeling a bit lonely. So she asked the neighbor kids to come visit her.

She Thought The Waiter Was Cute. This Is What Her Dad Did

November 30, 2023 / 1,636 views

Dad hilariously trolls his daughter at a restaurant because she has a crush on the waiter.

A Mesmerizing Timelapse Of A Christmas Tree Grown From A Pine Cone Seed

November 29, 2023 / 2,174 views

300 days in under 2 minutes. Last Christmas they sold these stone pine cones in the supermarket so I bought one to try to see if i could grow something from the seeds. And it turned out to be one of my favorites this year.

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