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Japanese Comedians Try To Have An American Conversation

January 10, 2022 / 2,975 views

Japanese contestants must have the most American conversation.

Horse Kicks Tree, Farts On Dogs, Then Runs Away

January 10, 2022 / 3,668 views

Sven running through the forest with the dogs, kicking trees, farting, and just having a great time

Man From Nigeria Enjoys Snow For The First Time

January 10, 2022 / 2,590 views

He's waited his whole life to make a snow angel.

Astronaut Smuggles Gorilla Suit On Board International Space Station, Scares Crew Members

January 10, 2022 / 2,270 views

Astronaut Mark Kelly once smuggled a full gorilla suit on board the International Space Station. He didn't tell anyone about it. One day, without anyone knowing, he put it on.

Big Lizard Falls In Pool From A Tree, Swims And Scares Pool Guests

January 08, 2022 / 1,978 views

A lizard surprises hotel guests as it joins them for a swim.

'My Son Is A 2-Year-Old Terrorist': Mom Gives Hilarious News Report

January 08, 2022 / 8,951 views

A former news reporter used her skills to document her son's latest episode at an Olive Garden.

Grandma Keeps Her Word And Splits Lottery Winnings With Convenience Store Clerk

January 07, 2022 / 5,601 views

Marrion Forrest, 86, said she would take care of him if she won. Well, she won and split the earnings.

A Beautiful Moment Was Captured On Film During This College Basketball Game

January 07, 2022 / 2,730 views

These are the type of people we need in our lives.

A Coyote And A Badger Take A Stroll Together Through A California Forest

January 07, 2022 / 1,598 views

A wildlife photographer said he captured an 'unusual friendship' when he recorded video of a badger and coyote strolling together in a forest in South Lake Tahoe, California.

Orangutans Wearing Tank Tops And Eating Human Food

January 07, 2022 / 1,057 views

Orangutans trying snacks.

Watch What This Dog Does When Mom Gives Him ALL The Food

January 06, 2022 / 4,171 views

What a good boy.

This Is How A Bat Pees

January 06, 2022 / 7,342 views

Ever seen a bat pee? You're welcome.

Young Dancers Make This Guy's Day In A Wawa Parking Lot

January 06, 2022 / 2,551 views

This is what the world needs.

This Cat Has A Dog Face Pattern

January 05, 2022 / 2,920 views

A living, breathing optical illusion.

Dog Performs Impromptu Show For Hallway Full Of Kids

January 05, 2022 / 2,388 views

A dog named Murry brought spontaneous joy to these kids in a hotel.

Man Converses With Turkeys, Then Feeds His Rescued Squirrel

January 04, 2022 / 1,566 views

Guy feeds his backyard rescue squirrel peanuts.

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