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Mom Catches Daughter Dancing To Halloween Theme

September 15, 2018 / 6,334 views

Mom took her daughter into the Halloween store and captured a video of her dancing to the Halloween theme song.

Watch This Snow Leopard's Hilarious Reaction When He Spots The Camera

September 14, 2018 / 8,928 views

Wait, they are watching me?

This Cheerleader's Enthusiastic Routine Is Going To Make Your Day

September 11, 2018 / 5,004 views

LaDarius Marshall, a cheerleader for Navarro College in Texas, is going viral for his outrageously happy sideline routine.

Wife Loses It During 'E-Y-E-S' Prank On Husband

September 10, 2018 / 8,674 views

This is the funniest e-y-e-s prank yet. Hilarious and adorable.

Man Performs 'Baby Shark' In Grocery Store

September 10, 2018 / 5,697 views

Lee Marshall, also known as DiscoBoy, stormed into a Tesco and started dancing to the catchy educational jingle created for children called the 'Baby Shark Song'.

3-Year-Old Is A Black Belt At Following Directions But Not At Breaking Boards

September 08, 2018 / 5,770 views

During a Taekwondo demo in Puerto Rico, a 3-year-old girl has to break a board with her foot. But the little girl does not understand what she has to do, she simply imitates what the instructor shows her without hitting the board with her foot.

Workers Have To Start Over After Friendly Chicken Ruins Freshly Paved Concrete

September 08, 2018 / 7,112 views

Workers in Mooroolbark Victoria, Australia had to redo their cement job thanks to a curious chicken.

Son Scares Dad Right Off His Lawnmower And We Can't Stop Laughing

September 08, 2018 / 10,710 views

Corey Smith loves scaring his father and this prank is going leave you in stitches. He drove up behind him on the lawnmower and honked the horn. Dad panics and jumps off.

Man Finds Out He's Wearing His Helmet Wrong

September 07, 2018 / 4,795 views

That's not how you wear a helmet.

This David Blaine Street Magic Parody Is Absolutely Hilarious

September 07, 2018 / 3,648 views

David Blaine terrorizes two innocent victims with his bizarre magic tricks. The way he stares at the camera, I lost it.

This Dog Judging Food Is Everything

September 05, 2018 / 9,617 views

Maya the Samoa tests food.

1 Second Of Every 'Office' Episode Might Be The Best 4 Minutes Of Your Life

September 05, 2018 / 5,919 views

A video compilation of every single one of the 201 episodes of The Office.

Wife Can't Stop Laughing While Telling A Funny Story

September 05, 2018 / 2,868 views

This is adorable. She tries to tell a funny story while laughing the whole time.

Dog Farts In His Sleep. The Cat's Reaction Is Hilarious

September 04, 2018 / 38,110 views

Many dog breeds are known for farting in their sleep. I know my French Bulldog does it all the time. When this pup lets one out, the noise catches the cat's attention. A few seconds later the cat gets a whiff and he was not happy. I laughed so hard.

Sleeping Kid Tries To Wear A Chair As His Backpack

September 03, 2018 / 4,082 views

This video of a kid thinking a chair is his backpack is going to make your day.

This Man Trying To Catch His Zooming Pet Rabbit Will Make Your Day

August 31, 2018 / 13,487 views

I've cried from laughing each time I've watched this video.

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