Meet The Dog Who Loves Watching Horse Races

June 11, 2024

If you're in need of a good laugh and a smile, you have to check out this delightful video of a dog with a unique hobby—watching horse races on TV!

dog watching horse racing on tv video
@mustangmadddy on TikTok

From the moment the video starts, you can see this furry fan's excitement. Standing eagerly on his hind legs, he’s fully prepared for the race to begin.

As soon as the horses start running, his enthusiasm hits new heights—literally! The dog jumps up and down with joy, mirroring the energy and speed of the race.

dog watching horse racing on tv video
@mustangmadddy on TikTok

"I know a gambling problem when I see it," one commenter joked.

"He was definitely a jockey in his past life!!!" another wrote.

Check out the video below!

@mustangmadddy She goes crazy for horse races she LOVES them!! Her name is Bella 💕 #dogsoftiktok #wheatenterrier ♬ original sound - MustangMaddy

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