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Watch This Bulldog Throw A Hilarious Fit After Being Told 'No' To Sleeping On His Owner

February 12, 2018 / 2,416 views

Reuben the Bulldog is not happy about having to sleep in his own bed for once.

Everyone Loses It Over This Game Show Question's Possible Answers

February 11, 2018 / 5,079 views

Give the guy who wrote this question a medal.

Ricky Gervais Vs Ellen In '5 Second Rule' Had Us In Tears Laughing

February 10, 2018 / 1,725 views

5 Second Rule with Ricky Gervais and Ellen DeGeneres.

That's Got To Be The Best Pirate I've Ever Seen

February 10, 2018 / 1,519 views

Hilarious video of a man using an excavator to steer a boat.

Someone Made A Toy That Feels Like You're Popping A Pimple And People Are Obsessed

February 09, 2018 / 1,631 views

If you're one of the millions of people who love the satisfaction of popping a pimple, now you can do it anytime you want with Pop it Pal.

Anchorwoman Completely Embarrasses Her Male Co-Anchor In The One Chip Challenge

February 08, 2018 / 1,358 views

The funniest One Chip Challenge ever. Two news anchors took the Carolina Reaper one chip challenge and while one suffered immensely, the other handled it with ease.

Teacher Gives Students A Fake Spelling Test With Words He Made Up

February 08, 2018 / 2,294 views

A fourth-grade teacher pranked his students by giving a spelling test comprised of gibberish words.

Bill Burr Makes Fun Of The Military And Veterans Loved It. Non-Military Citizens Did Not...

February 07, 2018 / 1,891 views

Recently, Bill Burr tested out the waters for a military joke by doing the routine in front of veterans at a VFW. He said 'it killed' but when he did the joke in front of non-military people, people got offended.

This Bird Dance Off To 'What Is Love' Is Everything That's Right In The World

February 06, 2018 / 2,422 views

Watch two parrots (a Macaw and a Cockatoo) in an epic dance off.

A Northerner Terrifies Londoners By Saying 'Hello'

February 05, 2018 / 3,793 views

In this very funny clip from BBC's Mash Report, a generic Northerner was apprehended by police in London after walking around and saying 'Hello' to strangers.

Hilarious Video Shows What British Sports Look Like To Non-British People

February 05, 2018 / 2,107 views

The Dutch sketch show, Jiskefet, made this funny video about British sports.

14-Year-Old Crushes His First Stand Up Comedy Performance

February 04, 2018 / 1,858 views

Dylan Roche does stand up for the first time at Helium Comedy Club.

In New Orleans, Even The Police Horses Boogie

February 03, 2018 / 1,662 views

This is a great video of Officer Jones and his dancing horse, Ace. The New Orleans' equestrian officers and their horses are highly trained and have a very close relationship.

Sassy ER Nurse Goes On An Epic Rant About Flu Season

February 03, 2018 / 1,598 views

Katherine Smith Lockler, of Milton, Florida, decided to air her frustration in a video she titled, 'After Work Thoughts,' and shared some sassy-toned tips to avoid getting yourself and others sick.

The World's Laziest Wolf Howls And We're Dying Laughing

February 03, 2018 / 4,134 views

When you're just too tired to howl but you know you have to.

This Is What A Shock Collar Feels Like On A Human

February 02, 2018 / 1,755 views

In this video, a man puts on a shock collar and tests out each of the intensity levels. While the video is funny, there's an important lesson here: if you wouldn't do it to yourself, don't do it to an animal.

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