The Funniest Bouquet Toss I've Ever Seen

June 14, 2024

Weddings are full of memorable moments, but nothing could have prepared these newlyweds for the hilarious spectacle that unfolded during the bouquet toss.

As the bride prepared to throw the bouquet, the single ladies gathered, eager for their chance to catch the coveted flowers. The bouquet sailed through the air, and in a twist no one expected, it landed squarely in the hands of a little kid - who took off running.

@staceymay50 Hysterical bouqeut toss. Wait for it!! 😂😂 #wedding #bouquettoss #fyp #bride #fail #makeitgoviral #funny ♬ gimme gimme gimme - .

In the video, you'll notice the photographer quickly recognizing the hilarity of the moment and skillfully following the child with his camera. Viewers were so entertained that they asked the family to share some of the photographer's shots.

The resulting photos are pure gold.

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