Let Our All Your Air And Try To Scream

June 7, 2024

If you're in need of a good laugh, the latest viral challenge sweeping the internet is sure to deliver.

The "Let Out All Your Air And Scream" challenge is exactly what it sounds like: participants exhale completely before attempting to let out a scream.

The results are predictably hilarious and have people everywhere in stitches.

@abbybabbykerns The end 😭😂💀 #fyp #foryou #trending #family #noair @Jshnizle ♬ original sound - abbybabbykerns

The challenge has taken social media by storm, with countless videos showing people gasping for breath as they attempt to produce any sound at all. The typically loud and piercing scream is reduced to a faint wheeze or a series of comical croaks, leaving participants and viewers alike laughing uncontrollably.

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