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This Is Probably The Happiest Wedding Ceremony I've Ever Seen

May 12, 2018 / 4,608 views

Here's a wedding ceremony that will make your day.

Everyone Loses It When This Guy Tries To Lean On A Virtual Table For Support

May 09, 2018 / 4,375 views

It's hard to lean on virtual tables.

Mr. Bean's 'Sandwich For Lunch' Sketch Is A Timeless Classic

May 09, 2018 / 3,669 views

One of our favorite Mr. Bean skits of all time.

Hilarious True Facts About Carnivorous Plants

May 08, 2018 / 2,207 views

Death by lollipop hugging and more.

Ryan Gosling Loses It Over Comedian Greg Davies' Embarrassing Hangover Story

May 07, 2018 / 11,540 views

British comedian Greg Davies tells an embarrassing story on The Graham Norton Show about a time he got very drunk in his 30s while visiting his mother.

'Can't Stop The Feeling' - WITHOUT The Music

May 07, 2018 / 4,882 views

Have you ever wondered how awkward it would be to shoot a music video without the backing track?

This Cheerleading Crab Holding 'Pom Poms' And Smiling Is Rooting For You!

May 06, 2018 / 2,629 views

Cheerleading crab is adorable.

Baby Laughs So Hard At Pacifier Noise Mom Has To Stop To Make Sure He's Okay

May 05, 2018 / 7,506 views

This is the funniest thing this little guy has ever seen.

Dog Thinks She Is So Sneaky When She Doesn't Want To Come Inside

May 04, 2018 / 47,361 views

Tasha the dog hides behind a flower pot when her owner calls for her to come inside.

Crow Tries To Buy A Train Ticket With A Credit Card

May 04, 2018 / 2,973 views

A woman in line to buy a train ticket in Japan filmed a crow attempting to do the same thing.

This Is Why You Should Never Park Your Car Near An Elephant Seal

May 03, 2018 / 2,605 views

A 500 pound elephant seal in New Zealand took to the streets and decided to smash every car in sight.

There's a Reggae Version Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' All About Marijuana

May 02, 2018 / 3,251 views

The Israeli reggae band Ronald Reggae presents a unique Jamaican-Style twist to Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and it's all about the ganja.

Little Girl Tells Dad He Messed Up Her Hair In The Most Polite Way

May 02, 2018 / 3,426 views

Daughter politely tells dad he messed up her hair. It's hilarious and adorable.

A Bear Accidentally Wanders Into Cat Territory

May 01, 2018 / 3,449 views

Also, climbing a tree to escape a bear is a bad idea.

'I Don't Want Any Trouble' Student Says In Hilarious Goose Attack Video

April 30, 2018 / 4,510 views

A freshman at Iowa State University is getting picked on by the toughest guy on campus: a Canada goose.

Candid Camera Clip From 1965 Shows How Boys And Girls React To A Hot Teacher

April 30, 2018 / 4,194 views

Girls and boys react to meeting their very attractive teacher. This classic is from 1965.

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