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Introducing The Six Luckiest People In The World

June 26, 2018 / 3,843 views

While some people believe that you make your own luck, plenty of others see it as a force all of its own.

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Three Months Ago He Said He Didn't Want A Dog In The House

June 25, 2018 / 6,091 views

Why people fight it I'll never understand. The animal always wins!

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What If Birds Had Human Arms?

June 24, 2018 / 6,632 views

Look - up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, wait, it's a bird... with arms.

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Cop Pulls Over Car Going Slow In Fast Lane And Becomes Internet's New Hero

June 20, 2018 / 16,863 views

An Indiana state trooper is being praised on social media for pulling over a slow driver in the fast lane.

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Dog Tries To Buy Beer With Hilarious Fake ID

June 19, 2018 / 9,197 views

This photo of a dog in a liquor store attempting to buy a six pack of Miller Lite with a fake ID is going to make your day.

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Dog Goes To Groomer And Returns As A Perfectly Symmetrical Fluffy Cloud

June 18, 2018 / 13,150 views

A toy poodle named Sesame went to the groomers and returned as a fluffy cloud with a tail. Japanese dog groomer Yoriko Hamachiyo has mastered the craft of transforming her dogs into rounded balls of fluff and the internet can't get enough!

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The Fascinating History of Slot Machines

June 18, 2018 / 2,614 views

Have you ever wondered what the story is behind these nifty machines?

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Dad With ALS Gets Up From Wheelchair And Congratulates Son At Air Force Graduation

June 16, 2018 / 3,537 views

I decided when it was time to tap my son out that I wanted to get out of my power wheelchair and take a few steps and walk to my son. I was overwhelmed with pride for my country, for my son.

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Family Welcomes Home Mom With Hilarious Sign At Airport

June 15, 2018 / 8,036 views

When Barbara Nielsen left town for a week on a business trip, she never expected she'd get the 'Welcome Home' greeting she received from her family that day.

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Friends Show Up Unannounced To Depressed Woman's Home When She Needed It Most

June 14, 2018 / 9,653 views

Sheila O'Malley, a writer and film critic in New York City, fell into a depression after her father passed away. She moved into a new apartment, but for months she couldn't find the strength to unpack. Then one of her friends checked in on her.

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The Most Beautifully Written Post About Depression

June 11, 2018 / 40,462 views

A Facebook post discussing the realities of living with depression is going viral for all the right reasons.

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The Bizarre Story Behind The Iconic Michael Myers Mask In Halloween

June 11, 2018 / 3,639 views

One of the most iconic Halloween masks is no doubt the one worn by Michael Myers in the 'Halloween' films. And it cost under $2.

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It Was A Nice Day On The Lake Until My Dog Tried To Drown My Sister

June 11, 2018 / 5,888 views

Holly Monson shared some photos from a fun day on the lake, although her dog apparently tried to take out her sister.

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The Principal Complimented Them On Their Jeans, So They Bought Him A Pair

June 10, 2018 / 6,913 views

Two students at Washington Park High School in Racine, Wisconsin, surprised their Principal with a brand new pair of jeans after he complimented them.

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Exhausted Dog Rescued By Fire Department, Carried Out On Stretcher

June 10, 2018 / 4,307 views

A volunteer fire department in Colorado rescued a dog last week who got tuckered out on a hike with his owners.

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Portland Police Officer Forced To Detain Chicken For Crossing The Road

June 08, 2018 / 4,675 views

An officer with the Portland Police Bureau was forced to detain a rogue chicken and it took a joint effort to get the bird to cooperate.

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