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Dog Matches Her Owner's Every Step In Amazing Dance Routine

November 09, 2019 / 3,555 views

Dog dance freestyle with Sandra and Lizzy.

Fisherman Gives Inspiring Advice About Mental Breakdowns

November 09, 2019 / 1,186 views

51 seconds you can afford to lose.

Man Belts Bon Jovi While Riding The Subway

November 08, 2019 / 15,148 views

A subway passenger with his headphones on started singing 'Living on a Prayer' as best he could.

A Thriller Performance For The Residents Of A Nursing Home

November 08, 2019 / 1,998 views

Nursing home residents perform the Thriller dance.

Woman Sings Out Of Her Apartment And The Neighbors React

November 08, 2019 / 2,932 views

A woman was singing from her apartment window and this was her neighbors reaction

600 Music Teachers Sing Improvised Version Of Amazing Grace

November 07, 2019 / 5,336 views

This is absolutely breathtaking. It touches deep in your soul.

He Was Running Late So He Sprints In His Dinosaur Costume And We're Dying Laughing

November 07, 2019 / 5,953 views

My son was running late to meet his friends. I'm dying.

Funny Video Shows Dogs Working Together To Save Their Owner Who's Playing Dead

November 07, 2019 / 11,657 views

Max and Murphy do a human rescue.

Cat Saves A Baby From Falling Down The Steps

November 07, 2019 / 54,076 views

The baby escaped her crib and was heading for the stairs. The cat sprung into action and got in the way, pushing her away from the stairs.

Football Team Dedicates Game To Teammate's Mom Diagnosed With Cancer

November 06, 2019 / 1,033 views

A player's mom was suffering from cancer. So the team dedicated the game to her.

This Overweight Cat's First Time On A Treadmill Is Going To Make Your Day

November 06, 2019 / 4,566 views

Cinderblock's first time on the treadmill trying to lose weight.

Two Professional Table Tennis Players Put On A Show

November 05, 2019 / 1,755 views

This is a Dutch broadcast from the 70s of a European match featuring two professional French players, Jacques Secrétin and Vincent Purkart, having a little fun with the sport.

Turkish Chef Surprises Disabled Man With Motorized Cart

November 05, 2019 / 1,064 views

Burak Özdemir, nicknamed CZN Burak, is a Turkish chef and restaurateur. His technique for preparing and presenting Turkish recipes has made him an online celebrity.

Frightened Baby Raccoon Waits For Mom To Rescue Her

November 05, 2019 / 1,884 views

A baby raccoon was too scared to climb down a brick wall, so Momma had to go up and get her.

This 76-Year-Old Grandmother Is Not Well. Her 97-Year-Old Mother Came To Visit Her

November 04, 2019 / 2,310 views

My 97-year-old great grandmother and 76-year-old grandmother reunited after one year apart. Both are bed ridden due to illness, but the family brought them together.

Mom Loses It When Baby Laughs For The First Time

November 04, 2019 / 9,529 views

The first several months of a child's life is tough on parents. Then one day, they look at you and smile. And they laugh for the first time.

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