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Mom Loses It During Hilarious FaceSwap With Her Son

August 05, 2018 / 5,178 views

Joanna Scaife completely loses it during this hilarious faceswap with her young son.

Horse Dances To Fleetwood Mac

August 05, 2018 / 8,483 views

My pal and I decided to stop and say hi to a horse on a back road, and figured, 'Hey why not, serenade them?' This is what you get.

Heartwarming Video Of Gorillas Accepting Humans Into Their Lives

August 05, 2018 / 2,896 views

Victoria Aspinall meets her husband Damian's gorilla Ima - who he bred 16 years ago - for the first time.

Navy SEALs Get A Much Needed Laugh When An Actual Seal Decides To Train With Them

August 05, 2018 / 28,351 views

When you're nervous about dangerous training, and your spirit animal shows up to guide you through to safety.

David Beckham Tears Up When His Son Surprises Him For His Birthday

August 04, 2018 / 3,129 views

Brooklyn, who attends college in New York, surprised his father for his 43rd birthday celebration in England, and it brought the former soccer star to tears.

This Casual Jam Session Is One Of The Best Bob Marley Covers I've Ever Heard

August 04, 2018 / 3,985 views

This is a video of the Dey Street Clan from New Zealand singing Bob Marley's 'Redemption Song' to perfection -- with excellent harmonies!

Bear Jumps For Joy With Little Boy At Nashville Zoo

August 04, 2018 / 3,379 views

Patrick Parker filmed a heartwarming moment between a bear and his 5-year-old son Ian as they jumped up and down together.

Whale Surprises (And Soaks) A Sight-Seeing Boat

August 04, 2018 / 5,895 views

Whale jumps out of nowhere during sight seeing tour.

He Spent 2 Years Randomly Taking Videos So She Wouldn't Expect This Proposal

August 04, 2018 / 2,119 views

Ben Todaro used over 2 years worth of footage to put together this wonderful engagement video for him and his soon-to-be wife.

Lady And The Tramp - Golden Edition

August 03, 2018 / 2,684 views

Louie the Golden Retriever has a heart of gold... but he doesn't do romance.

Guy Covers Heart's 'Alone' On His Son's Toy Piano And It's Incredible

August 03, 2018 / 5,598 views

Chase Holfelder sat down at his son's tiny toy piano and covered the epic 80s ballad 'Alone' by Heart.

Man Drills A Hole In A Living Egg... To Save It

August 03, 2018 / 2,231 views

One could argue that chicks that are not strong enough to get out of the egg by themselves should not survive. I have a different opinion. To me all life is precious. So if I can save a chick by helping it, I will.

Watch This Baby Perform CPR On A Training Dummy

August 03, 2018 / 1,488 views

A baby was filmed performing CPR on a CPR training manikin and it's going to make your day.

Police Department Uses 'Lip Sync Challenge' To Send Powerful Message

August 02, 2018 / 4,918 views

The Pickens County Sheriff's 'Lip Sync Challenge' video has a much deeper meaning.

Singer Performs 'Mr. Brightside' In 15 Styles - Including A '90s Sitcom' Version

August 02, 2018 / 2,043 views

Anthony Vincent, the voice of 'Ten Second Songs', performs 'Mr. Brightside' by The Killers in 15 different styles.

The Rock Surprises His Stunt Double With A Brand New Car

August 02, 2018 / 3,559 views

Dwayne Johnson's long-time stunt double Tanoai Reed just returned from an injury on set. He thinks they are shooting a behind the scenes clip, but Johnson really just wanted Reed to know how much he loves and appreciates him.

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