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When People Guess Too High And Ruin Everything

January 10, 2019 / 1,414 views

When you ask someone to guess but they guess way too high.

FedEx Driver Meets Heartbroken Woman On Route, Returns Later To Pray With Her

January 10, 2019 / 3,382 views

Amanda Riggan, a FedEx driver in South Carolina, is going viral after she posted a video about being prompted by God to help a woman she had met earier on her route.

Elephant That Spent 40 Years Alone In The Circus Makes Her First Friend

January 09, 2019 / 5,988 views

Rana was a circus elephant for 4 decades. Here she is meeting her new friends for the first time

This Choir Singing 'Miserere Mei Deus' In London's Oldest Church Will Give You Chills

January 08, 2019 / 2,360 views

The tear inducing high note of 'Miserere Mei Deus' by the Tenebrae Choir.

Bird Box Trailer: 'The Office' Edition

January 08, 2019 / 90,977 views

Someone used clips from The Office to recreate the Bird Box trailer.

11-Year-Old Phenom Rips 'Classical Gas' On Ukulele

January 08, 2019 / 1,898 views

This is 11-year-old Feng E playing 'Classical Gas' (Tommy Emmanuel's version) on ukulele.

Italian Man Has Hilarious Reaction To The Cold And Snow

January 08, 2019 / 7,064 views

I cantaka no mo!

Dad Level 9000: Watch This Dad Drag His Daughter Through The Airport

January 07, 2019 / 14,931 views

Dad has had enough on this very day. And judging by their comfort level, it doesn't look like it's the first time.

Chicken Completes Mini Obstacle Course. Wait For The Hop!

January 07, 2019 / 2,783 views

This chicken has been training to become a lean, mean, clucking machine by completing a homemade obstacle course. The hop at the end is the best!

French Bulldog Loses His Cool Over The Mail

January 07, 2019 / 2,969 views

French Bulldog just wants to check the mail.

'The Star-Spangled Banner' Sounds Russian When Played In The Minor Key

January 07, 2019 / 7,162 views

Comedian Bill Bailey says 'The Star-Spangled Banner' sounds Russian when played in a minor key.

Cat Retrieves Balloon For Upset Toddler

January 06, 2019 / 9,584 views

Fear not, small human! Here is your balloon.

Lazy Dog Refuses To Leave Mom's Bed Even For Treats, Then She Says 'Squirrel'

January 05, 2019 / 4,559 views

Big dog won're get out of bed for anything until Mom says squirrel.

Sisters Absolutely Crush 'Killing In The Name' By Rage Against The Machine

January 05, 2019 / 4,266 views

Two girls with an awesome cover of 'Killing in the Name' by Rage Against the Machine.

Cats Meow Into Microphones With Reverb

January 05, 2019 / 13,561 views

I hope cats meowing into microphones becomes a new 'thing' because I spent way too long laughing at these videos.

Man Surprises Wife Of 67 Years With New Diamond Ring After She Lost Her Wedding Ring

January 04, 2019 / 3,809 views

This is the touching moment a husband surprised his wife with a new engagement ring after she had lost hers at the nursing home they both reside at.

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