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Dad Lets 3-Year-Old Grocery Shop And Make Dinner For Mom. It's Hilarious And Adorable

April 09, 2018 / 5,852 views

Travis decided for his son's dinner date with mom, he would let the 3-year-old do everything himself - including the grocery shopping and the cooking.

A Wild Ace Ventura Joins A Busker And It's Hilarious

April 08, 2018 / 1,856 views

His expressions, and body language is spot on!

Car Accident Sends Bus Into A River, Crane Driver Sees Accident And Saves Passengers

April 07, 2018 / 2,575 views

A Chinese crane driver saves passengers from a sinking bus.

Hilarious Mongoose Tries To Play Dead For Hornbill

April 07, 2018 / 6,044 views

This hornbill is so confused after a young mongoose fakes its death right in front of him.

This Russian Couple Lives With A Cougar In Their Apartment And He Wears Pajamas

April 07, 2018 / 2,192 views

Alexandr Dmitriev and his wife, Mariya, share their apartment with a playful two-year-old cougar. In 2016, the couple decided to adopt the young cougar from a petting zoo.

This Entire Family Sings A 'Les Miserables' Song And It's Amazing

April 06, 2018 / 6,579 views

The LeBaron family from Fruit Heights, Utah, has taken family karaoke to a whole new level by singing 'One Day More' from 'Les Miserables.'

The Muppets Version Of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' Is The Only One That Can Compete With The Original

April 06, 2018 / 7,953 views

The Muppet's Musical Gang is back with their rendition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

Suit Salesman Pranks Best Man Who's Getting Fit For A Wedding

April 06, 2018 / 6,881 views

Perfect execution. Everyone loses it.

Cajun Dad And Daughter Attempt Duet Of 'Hello' But Can't Stop Laughing

April 05, 2018 / 4,119 views

Brikki Robin and her father from Louisiana try to sing a duet of 'Hello' by Adelle but they can't stop laughing.

This Woman Has A Poem For You And It's Going To Make Your Day

April 05, 2018 / 2,606 views

Terri Metz has a poem for you to start your day because she loves her lashes.

Patient Dog Walks Extremely Slow So That Elderly Owner Can Keep Up

April 05, 2018 / 3,357 views

I'm not sure which is more admirable, the extremely patient dachshund or the elderly man who is clearly physically compromised and still takes his best friend for a walk.

Dog Absolutely Loses It When He Realizes He's Going To The Dog Park

April 05, 2018 / 4,869 views

When Scrattie finally realizes he is going to the dog park, he goes absolutely ballistic.

Little Girl Performs A Beautiful Cover Of 'Desperado'

April 04, 2018 / 5,872 views

Callista Clark, a 14 year old singer/songwriter from Georgia, performs a beautiful cover of 'Desperado' by The Eagles.

A Very Cool Interpretation Of 'Take On Me' By Sara Bareilles

April 04, 2018 / 1,773 views

This is a unique and beautiful interpretation of A-ha's hit song from the 80s, 'Take On Me', by the very talented Sara Bareilles.

Heartwarming Video Shows A Soldier Feeding A Stray Dog

April 04, 2018 / 2,149 views

It's not the uniform, the armor, or the weapon that defines man; it's our ability to show compassion.

10-Year-Old Cowboy Yodels For Customers In Walmart

April 03, 2018 / 2,064 views

10-year-old Mason Ramsey has become an internet sensation after a video of him yodeling in a Walmart in Harrisburg, Illinois, went viral on Twitter.

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