This Company Has 'Office Kittens' And Here's What They Do All Day

November 2, 2018

The Finance/IT department for a transportation company in Ohio has hired/rescued two qualified kittens to play with boxes all day long and keep employee morale high.

debit and credit office kittens
Debit and Credit / @ourofficekittens

A video of the kittens, Debit and Credit, getting into their daily shenanigans was posted on Reddit by an employee in the office building.

"My building is small—there are only 6 of us. One of them is allergic, but she doesn't care. The others stay in another building," carenl said. "They stay at the office at night (with a very sweet setup), and we visit them on the weekends for snuggling and playing."

We only have one question. Are you hiring?


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