This Is The Only Time Nathan Fielder Breaks Character

September 8, 2022

Nathan Fielder gets a taste of his own medicine and actually breaks character in this hilarious scene from Nathan For You.

In the show, Fielder use his business background to help real-life companies, but he offers them outrageous strategies. The producers insist that the businesses they "help" are all real.

Nathan's socially awkward character is said to be the only one that's scripted.

During this "Gas Station Rebate" episode, Nathan got "Nathan'd" and it is the only time he ever breaks character.

"This was one of the best twists in the series," one person commented.

"Two comic legends in one video as far as I'm concerned," another user wrote.

"The old man took all control Nathan had of the situation and turned it back towards him. What a legendary man," another commented.

Watch the clip below.

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