Woman Rings Doorbell To Get Help Removing A Woodpecker From Her Hair

September 6, 2022

Brittany Bronson remained incredibly calm when a baby woodpecker became tangled in her hair.

Bronson, of North Carolina, said she heard something slam into the window of her home and went to investigate. She found the woodpecker on the ground.

"He's kind of looking at me … and then he jumps on my head," she said.

She walked around to the front of the house and rang the doorbell to get help from her brother, Colton.


So this just happened.

♬ original sound - Britt

"What is going on? Why is that thing on your head?" a confused Colton asked her as he walked out the door.

Moments later, he frees the woodpecker from his sister's hair and gently sets it down.

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The next day, Bronson called a wildlife rehabber who specializes in birds. She took the baby bird to Holly's Nest Animal Rescue since it's too young to feed itself and its parents seem to have disappeared.


Woodpecker Update!!

♬ original sound - Britt

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