Woman Can't Stop Laughing After Escalator Tries To Steal Her Dress

August 25, 2022

Well, that escalated quickly.

Áine Geraghty was at SuperValu in Dublin, Ireland, when her dress got caught in the escalator leaving her rear end exposed.

She posted the embarrasing moment to TikTok where it's been viewed over 3 million times.

@aine_gero Replying to @amyhiggins07 Still waiting for @SuperValu Ireland Official to contact Me #dublin #fyp #bamarush #rosalia #chrisywakeup #stuck ♬ BIZCOCHITO - ROSALÍA

"This happened to me in Dublin airport a month ago, whole back of my dress GONE- honestly I’ll never recover," one user wrote.

"That's just unlocked a bonus level of anxiety in my brain....I'm laughing but it's not funny," another user commented.

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