Man Stops To Introduce His New Puppy To The Neighborhood Cat

August 19, 2022

A woman named Cheyenne captured this wholesome moment from her kitchen window and shared it on TikTok for the rest of us to enjoy.

What made this moment all the more special was the fact that the man found the video on TikTok and left a comment saying: "I should point out that I had petted the cat first and assessed how this might turn out. Ted is 4 months old and has been introduced to cats before."

"Hope you enjoyed the video! Sorry if it's intrusive but the moment was too sweet not to record! Glad it found its way to you! Ted is lovely," Cheyenne replied.

@cheyennetylerberry caught this pure moment and I haven’t stopped smiling since 💖💗💕💝💓💘💞 #viral #dogsofttiktok #catsoftiktok ♬ The King - Sarah Kinsley

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