Hospice Nurse Explains Why She No Longer Fears Death

August 15, 2022

Julie McFadden is a hospice nurse who posts about death and dying on TikTok.

The 39-year-old says her work has taught her so much about death and dying that she wanted to find a way to share what she's learned on a larger scale.

So, she started posting videos to TikTok as "Hospice Nurse Julie".

In one of her most popular videos, Julie explains why she no longer fears death.

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Some of the comments on the video are just as wonderful:

"My grandpa woke up for 10 seconds before his final breath and told us it was beautiful, smiled, and passed," anonymity maybe wrote.

"My nephew died of a brain tumor at 6. The doctors told my brother and his wife how to explain dying to him when he was close. They told him that when the angels come to play it's OK to go play with them. He said 'I know mum, I met them already, my favourite one is Robert..." Assimilate78 wrote.

"After my sister passed, I heard her say 'I'm okay' and a rush of calm and peace," user1798727634884 wrote.

"My friend 33 passed and she looked at her husband and said 'it's more beautiful than we thought!' and died," user4211984618069 wrote.

"I asked my nana to send me a sign that she was okay- the moment she passed her favorite song came on the radio," Anissa Lotti wrote.

Watch PART 1 of why Hospice Nurse Julie no longer fears death below:

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