Customer Sends Letter And Cash To Restaurant After Realizing His Mistake

February 2, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Lenoir, North Carolina.

In a heartwarming display of honesty and kindness, a customer at Side Street Pour House and Grill in Lenoir went above and beyond to rectify a simple mistake, turning an ordinary lunch outing into a remarkable story of goodwill.

man sends letter to restaurant with tip
Side Street Pour House and Grill

The tale began when a couple, enjoying a delightful lunch with their server, accidentally took the wrong copy of their credit card receipt. Unbeknownst to them, this meant that the hardworking server was left without the tip they had intended to leave. These situations, while unintentional, can leave a lasting impact on the dedicated staff who strive to provide excellent service.

However, what happened next is what truly set this story apart. The customer, upon realizing the oversight, went the extra mile by writing a heartfelt letter to Side Street Pour House and Grill, expressing their sincere apologies for the mistake and enclosing a $20 tip.

Side Street Pour House and Grill shared the heartwarming letter on their Facebook page, expressing their gratitude and admiration for the customer's exemplary actions.

"I pulled my receipts and discovered that I had inadvertently retained the signed merchant's copy of my VISA receipts when I left your restaurant," the customer wrote. "As a result, while the food was fully paid, the tip which I had intended to leave for HOPE C was not relayed back to VISA. I can only trust that Hope will forgive my blunder... That was no way for either of us to end 2023. Here's to a fresh start."

good news story
Side Street Pour House and Grill

The restaurant's post highlighted the importance of recognizing the hard work put in by servers and the impact a considerate gesture can have on their lives.

"Our servers work hard to give our customers excellent dining experiences and earn their tips, but sometimes either accidentally (like this example) or intentionally (which is really not cool) they find themselves left without. That's why we are loving this letter so much — it's is a beautiful example of how to do the right thing!!" the post read.

The post quickly garnered attention and admiration from the local community and beyond, showcasing the power of positivity and the ripple effect of one individual's kindness.

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