A Single Act, A Decade of Impact: Pay It Forward Group Marks 10 years Of Charitable Deeds

January 23, 2024

Today's good news story comes from British Columbia, Canada.

A decade ago, Aileen Ingram raised funds for a boy who had his bicycle stolen. That single act of kindness evolved into a widespread movement touching various corners of the East Kootenays.

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Aileen Ingram / Kimberley Bulletin

As more individuals joined in, a cohesive non-profit entity emerged, named "Paying it Forward: Kindness in the Kootenays."

Ingram emphasizes a straightforward philosophy: "You give someone a hand up, open a door for somebody, even give them a big smile, just try to do something to make their day better."

Currently boasting 20 committed members and over 3,000 Facebook supporters, the group orchestrates drives and events to fund causes, extending their help to secure food and clothing for those in need. Their efforts extend to providing essential supplies for single parents starting anew and raising funds for individuals grappling with chronic health issues and expensive medical bills.

Currently, they are conducting a bottle drive to fund prescription medication for senior citizens.

The group draws inspiration from the movie "Pay it Forward," resonating with its message of performing good deeds to create a positive chain reaction—a sentiment deeply connected to Ingram's own childhood experiences.

"The movie really spoke to me," she said.

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