Generous Theater-Goers Make A Server's Broadway Dream Come True

January 6, 2024

Today's good news story comes from New York City.

In a heartwarming display of generosity, patrons at a restaurant in New York City's bustling Theater District turned a 27-year-old server's dream into reality.

good news stories
Credit: @clairinthecity

While attending to a table discussing their plans to see the Broadway production of "Merrily We Roll Along," Clair Rachel Howell couldn't help but express her own desire to catch the show. Regrettably, the cost of tickets had proven to be a barrier for her. Little did she know that her words would spark an incredible act of kindness.

As the diners finished their meal, they left Clair a jaw-dropping $500 tip and attached a heartfelt note.

Overwhelmed with joy, she took to Instagram to share the remarkable story, posting photos from her unforgettable night out and expressing her deepest appreciation to the anonymous benefactors who made it all possible.

good news stories
Credit: @clairinthecity

This is what she wrote:

"Sooo a magical new york moment happened to me the other day at work.

My serving job is located in the theatre district, so we get lots of people coming in before seeing broadway shows. As usual I always ask them what they’re seeing, and the other night I had a family going to see Merrily We Roll Along. Now anytime I had tables going to see this show I told them how amazing I'm sure it would be, and how badly I wanted to see it!

The table left to make their showtime and I picked up their check and did about 7 double takes. Even writing this now I'm still speechless.

THANK YOU to the gentleman who gave me this insane and unexpected gift. I hope you come in again so I can thank you in person. Magic is still alive in NYC and so is love and kindness and good, GOOD people.

Tonight's the night and as he wished I am in the second row waiting for the show to start.

I love new york city."

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