Off-Duty Firefighter Drives Over An Hour To Return A Woman's Lost Purse

December 13, 2023

Today's good news story comes from the UK.

In a heartwarming turn of events, a firefighter in North London went above and beyond his call of duty when he found a woman's bag at a local gas station.

firefighter returns lost bag
Credit: @bowsboutiques

Identified as Nyma Zadeh, the compassionate firefighter drove over an hour to return the lost bag to its owner in Hertfordshire. The bag's owner, identified as Georgia, shared that she had been in tears for days, deeply upset about the loss of her cherished possession.

Nyma Zadeh's act of kindness took on an even more significant meaning when he revealed that he had initially considered waiting until the next morning to return the bag. However, a thoughtful change of heart led him to remember a past experience where his ex-girlfriend had lost her bag, causing her immense stress. This memory prompted him to prioritize the immediate return of the lost bag, providing comfort and relief to its distressed owner.

The heartening doorbell camera footage was shared on TikTok by Bows Boutique, a fashion retailer where Georgia works. It was disclosed that Georgia had misplaced her bag after attending the company's Christmas party, making the recovery all the more meaningful.


We had the Bows Christmas Party last night the pics to follow but I wanted to share this video… one of the girls lost her handbag and this guy came to Hertfordshire from North London to bring it back because he found it!! It’s safe to say he was the hero and we are all at Bows so grateful for making our girl so happy ❤️ how amazing is this to do and a huge THANK YOU ☺️

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"The minute he said firefighter that explained everything…. The world's realest hero's," one person commented.

"What a true gentleman someone needs to call his fire station let his manager know what a good person he is to the community," another commented.

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