Deer Trapped On Frozen Ledge Rescued Using Crane In Colorado

December 5, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Evergreen Lake, Colorado.

In a heartwarming tale of collaboration and quick thinking, wildlife officers near Evergreen Lake successfully rescued a stranded deer, thanks to the unexpected assistance of a nearby crane truck operator.

The deer had become trapped amidst the snow and ice-covered lake, presenting a challenging situation for the officers.

good news deer rescue
Credit: Colorado Parks and Wildlife

The incident took a fortunate turn when a vigilant crane truck operator, passing by the scene, noticed the officers' efforts and decided to lend a helping hand. The operator's timely intervention proved to be a game-changer for the rescue mission.

Taking advantage of the crane truck's capabilities, the officers swiftly wrapped the deer to ensure its safety during the delicate operation. Wildlife officer Ian, showcasing his rope-lassoing expertise, skillfully secured the deer to the crane. The combined efforts of the officers and the crane operator ensured a smooth and efficient rescue operation.

Once the deer was successfully lifted from its icy predicament, the wildlife officers wasted no time relocating it to a more suitable habitat.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the resilient deer appeared to be unscathed, walking away from the incident seemingly unharmed.

Watch the video below.

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