Hero Crane Operator Saves Man On Top Burning Building

November 30, 2023

Today's good news story comes from Reading, England.

In a heart-pounding display of courage and quick thinking, a 65-year-old crane operator became an unexpected hero as he rescued a man trapped on top of a towering building engulfed in flames.

Glen Edwards crane operator
Glen Edwards / Sky News

Glen Edwards, a crane operator from Egham, is expressing his gratitude after a tense rescue operation in Reading last Thursday. Edwards found himself in a challenging situation as he navigated swirling winds to save a man trapped by smoke and flames on a building. The dramatic rescue unfolded amid thick black smoke, making visibility nearly impossible.

Edwards, who had a concrete skip on his crane when the alarm sounded, wasted no time when he spotted the distressed man waving his coat. Employing his experience and knowledge of the area, Edwards attached a metal cage to the crane, carefully considering his options for the rescue. However, the challenging conditions, with smoke obscuring his view, added an extra layer of difficulty to the operation.

With a colleague providing guidance and a concerned crowd watching from below, Edwards skillfully maneuvered the crane to rescue the man. The onlookers erupted in cheers and applause as the man was safely lifted to the ground.

Reflecting on the intense experience, Edwards remarked, "It seemed like an eternity until the man got inside. The adrenaline was out the roof." He admitted to experiencing shaking after the rescue, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Despite the successful operation, Edwards is yet to meet the man he saved, humorously noting, "He's got to take me across the road for a drink yet!"

The heartwarming part of this story is the overwhelming support Edwards has received from well-wishers. A fundraising page was set up to "buy Glen a beer as a token of gratitude," initially aiming for £5,000 but now standing at an impressive £9,100. The community's response has left Edwards deeply moved, stating, "It means a lot; some of the comments have been absolutely fantastic."

The rescued man, taken to the hospital for mild smoke inhalation, was discharged on the same day.

Watch the video below.

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