Officers Discovered A Noise Complaint Was A Girl Celebrating Her Quinceañera. So, They Helped Her Celebrate

September 16, 2022

Officers with the Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina helped celebrate a girl's Quinceañera after they received a call about a noise complaint.

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Greensboro Police Department

Officers Matthews, King and Johnson, received a call about a noise complaint and went to check it out.

Upon arrival they discovered that a young lady named Kim was celebrating her Quinceañera.

Family and friends invited the officers to stay for some food and help celebrate with the girl.

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Greensboro Police Department

The officers handed out stickers to the kids and even snapped a picture with the birthday girl.

"Thank you all so much Greensboro Police Department you guys were great and my baby sister is so happy that you all stayed and helped celebrate her birthday!!" Kim's sister, Adriana Mendez, said.

"You all were very understanding and we appreciated you all accepting our culture and also sitting to eat! As a child with special needs and someone who struggles to have friends it really meant the world that you all stopped by even if initially it was a noise complaint. We appreciate you all and all the work you do on the daily!"

"From my baby sister Kim 'thank you officers!'," she added.

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