'He Could've Kept Going, But He Didn't': Football Player Pulls Over To Help Woman Change Her Tire

July 13, 2022

A University of Iowa football player is being praised for offering a helping hand to a stranger in need.

football player helps woman roadside assistance
Credit: Tina Gunn / Facebook

Zach Twedt, a freshman linebacker, pulled over on the interstate after he spotted a woman with a flat tire.

Tina Gunn wrote about the experience on Facebook:

"I was on my way back from my son's track meet in Minnesota and got a flat tire on a Iowa interstate. I tried to request roadside assistance in my Allstate app (because I don't know how to change a flat tire), but was not getting a signal on my phone because of where we were in Iowa, so I was looking down messing with my phone and thought instead of using the app, I would call Allstate (which takes longer).

I was thinking, it's going to take a few hours for them to get to me once I get ahold of them, when my son goes, someone is here. Like this guy appeared out of no where, dressed in Iowa Hawkeye gear and goes, 'Can I help you?'

Long story short, his name is Zach Twedt, football player for Iowa Hawkeyes…I just wanted to appreciate him for being so kind and helping a stranger out, who needed to get her kids home safely. He could've kept going, but he didn't! What a good dude! May God reward him for his kindness today!"

hawkeye football player helps woman change tire
Credit: Tina Gunn / Facebook

Gunn's post has over 21,000 likes on Facebook.

"Thank you Zach for being an angel and light for my Sis and her boys," Gunn's sister, Sonia, commented on the post.

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