Running Back Najee Harris Throws Draft Party For Kids At Homeless Shelter Where He Once Lived

May 3, 2021

Alabama running back Najee Harris was selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

On draft day, he threw a draft party for kids at the homeless shelter he lived at for several years growing up.

najee Harris draft party homeless shelter

On Thursday night, Harris was selected 24th overall in the NFL Draft. To celebrate his dream coming true, he returned to the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program homeless shelter.

Harris, his parents, and four siblings all lived in a small room at the shelter in 2010 while struggling with homelessness.

The night included pizza, chicken, football-themed decorations, cupcakes, and goodie bags. Harris stopped by to visit and take photos with shelter workers and the families who live there.

najee Harris draft party homeless shelter

Shelter leaders say Harris is a huge inspiration for the kids, and they're thankful he's continued to stay involved.

"He did not let his situation dictate his future," said Shelter Manager Siu Laulea, who worked with Harris. "It makes me feel proud and makes me enjoy my job more because I know I made a difference in someone's life."

As for all of the attention Harris is getting as a first-round draft pick, he says he's glad because it will help him raise awareness for homelessness.

"Doing this really makes me and my family feel better, just giving appreciate and everything. It's a subject, especially in the Bay Area, that needs to get shed light on. The more that we are together, the more we can make everything happen, especially in good ways. You know for me moving up I'm getting more attention, more cameras and stuff, that's good. Because it's shedding more light on the situation," said Harris.

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