I Thought My Long Time Friend Didn't Really Like Me, But Today I Found Her Gratitude List And I Was On It

By A Friend • October 16, 2023

I was over at my high school friend's dorm helping her look for her airpods. When we couldn’t find them we went to her roommate's room, and we asked if we could look there to which she agreed.

We've been "friends" for 6 years, but I always thought she just tolerated me and my hugs. But as I was going through her trash I peeped a sheet of paper titled things she’s grateful for, and I was on it, along with her family and other things.

Even though she’s pretty cold to everyone, I respect her a lot as a person and have come to love her like a wise and fun cousin, and always wanted to be closer with her. Easily the best day of my year so far, I feel like I'm bursting with happiness!


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