Never Be Afraid To Say Something Beautiful To Someone

By Kathryn • October 6, 2023

Long story - but - it must be compliment ‘pay it forward day’.

So I went and got a coffee this morning, no makeup, hair not done, and this lovely lady came up to me and said wow you’re so pretty and I love your dress. Made me feel nice.

Then I dropped my car off for service, and the girl serving me had gorgeous nails, so I said wow your hands and nails are beautiful, she said thank you.

I then got an Uber back with a middle aged Asian man, and I pooled so on the way we picked up a very fragile elderly man, the Uber driver was so kind, not only did he apologize to me but he got out and walked the old man to the car, fastened him in, made sure his walker was safe, and comforted him. He dropped me off and I said what a beautiful caring man you are and I left him a tip, which he then messaged me later and said thanks.

Later today, I got an Uber back to pick up my car, when I got in I complimented the lady on her perfume saying how lovely it was. We chatted for a while, then half way through the journey she reached in her bag and gave me her perfume, she said ‘it’s a gift from me to you’. I nearly cried as I’d just had some bad news at my doctors appointment.

I left her a huge tip. Just a reminder that sometimes a simple compliment can make someone’s day. Never be afraid to say something beautiful to someone, you may just make their day better.


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