Young Souls In Old Bodies

By Joseph J. Mazzella • September 11, 2023

I visited my doctor the other day and had to be put on a medication for the first time. In spite of living a healthy lifestyle my blood pressure was still a bit higher than it should be. The doctor explained that stiffening blood vessels were just part of getting older. I knew it was the natural progression of life and I didn’t resent it too much. It did make me wish, though, that I could go back to my younger, healthier, and more energetic body with the wisdom my mind and soul has now. I remembered again the old Italian saying: “You grow too soon old and too late smart.”

Oh what I would tell the younger me if I had a chance, what wisdom I would love to share so he didn’t waste so much of his time on useless thoughts and negative feelings. I would tell him to quit wishing for wealth, success, and fame. Because none of those things could bring him any real joy. I would instead tell him to play more and pray more. I would tell him to spend less time worrying and more time petting his dogs. I would tell him that those times he played with his children would be the happiest memories of his life. I would tell him that it is the love in his heart that makes him rich not the weight in his wallet. I would tell him that friendship is a treasure that won’t fade or rust like material things. I would tell him to sing with all the joy in his heart even if his voice isn’t that great. I would tell him to dance like no one is watching even though all the angels in Heaven are. I would tell him each day is a new life that should be lived with thankfulness, laughter, love, growth, kindness, service, and oneness with God. I would tell him to fear nothing on this earth because He is Loved by Our Father in Heaven.

Most of all I would tell him that life is eternal even if these bodies aren’t. I would remind him that his soul is both ageless and forever young. And I would urge that soul to spend every second loving God, himself, and everyone else. Because Love is Joy!


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