Just Want To Share A Gratitude Post... Which I Hope Will Warm Your Souls

By A Friend • August 11, 2023

On Tuesday I found out that my mum who lives on her own had food poisoning on the weekend and she couldn’t eat anything for few days. She was feeling weak and helpless as she is isolated since I moved interstate at the end of last year.

My heart ached to hear how vulnerable she was and I wished I could care or cook for her something that will nourish her back to health.

I’m so blessed to have kind and generous friends who responded to my plea to help my mum. Few friends offered to be my extended hands.

Yesterday a friend went out of her way to buy wonton soups and fried rice and she delivered them to my mum’s place.

Today another friend cooked special Hainan chicken rice for my mum- which would last her for a week, and he travelled far to deliver this special food for her.

My mum was in tears as she ate these beautiful food made and delivered with love and kindness. She was so touched by the unexpected generosity from strangers.

May this story will create ripple of kindness around us.


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