Today, My Mom And I Left For A Girls Trip

By Caitlin • August 10, 2023

Today, my mom and I left for a girls trip.

Before the plane set off, I noticed that a young woman across the aisle was drawing on her iPad and it looked so realistic! I thought she was so talented and every now and again through the flight, I glanced over to see her progress!

I decided to make a card to say how talented I thought she was and how I loved to be creative! I wrote and colored in, "You are amazing!" on the front! I gave it to her before I got off the plane and at first she looked confused but when I told her that I saw her drawing and how I thought she was so talented so I wanted to make her a card, her whole face lit up!

She said, "Thank you so much! You made my day!"

Mom and I were already stood up in the aisle but we were waiting for the doors to open and I couldn’t stop grinning! Mom said that, I was so sweet!

Kindness really does make a difference and I love to spread kindness and make people smile whenever I can!


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