Her Kindness Meant A Lot

By Casey • July 22, 2023

An employee asked me to fill out a survey because they were having a competition between stores. She didn't realize how much I appreciated her.

I had moved from one country to another and she made shopping there super easy. She helped with a transitional acclimation period. She was a an anchor for a bit. She was filing me in on processes and changes. (Moved from overseas back to my home country).

She also was kind regarding my deafness.

Tonight I walked back in and the manager came up to me and was super happy about the review, thanked me, and was just amazing with her customer service. She said that the review was making rounds and it was going up the chain and had reached corporate.

The employee asked if she could hug me. Yes you can!

Now I have found a little bit of family in that store. Her kindness meant a lot.


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