I Let A Stranger Hold My Baby Today

By Lori • December 6, 2021

I let a stranger hold my baby today. I know what you are thinking, WHY? Allow me to explain.

It was after church, in the pews. The lady behind me had to be close to 70 years old. She was alone, without her family nearby. She stood among us at the front of the church-- families averaging three kids, many of which were restless and bored. Along with the kids were pairs of tired and weary parents, desperate for their kids to be good during mass, desperate for a good message from the homily with the distractions of kids' qualms and cries we were fighting. Admittedly, I was one of those parents.

After mass and my daughter Joy heavy in my arms, I turned around to look for the diaper bag and my coat, and the lady stopped me, remarking on my beautiful family. She reflected on her own family from many years ago, now long grown and on to their own lives. Joy reached for her, or rather her Christmas dog pin on her shirt. I never hesitated, I passed her over as if I was passing her over to my own mother, and Joy smiled. (And if you know anything about my daughter, she doesn't do strangers!) I told the lady her name was Joy, "a real Joy" she remarked. Joy played for a moment with the dog pin, some baby musings were shared between the lady and I. Joy looked back at me, reminded that she wasn't in my arms, and motioned back. She never whined or acted scared, but quietly smiled at the lady. We parted ways, wishing well thoughts for the week ahead.

For a moment, we helped her feel less alone. For a moment, we were her family.

I don't know what this Advent season means for you--but for me, it's those little moments of JOY we can bring to the world, that can make it a little bit brighter, and a little bit more wonderful.


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