Pawsitively Pampered: Park Ranger Gives Lions Foot Massages

April 29, 2024

In a scene straight out of a Disney movie, Alex Larenty, renowned for his deep connection with wildlife, has been spotted giving lions the royal treatment at the Lion & Safari Park in Broederstroom, South Africa.

He started doing this after noticing that a cream for paw infections made a lion relax and seem happy.

However, Larenty emphasizes that this remarkable interaction is a testament to the profound trust cultivated between himself and the lions.

"Trust me, though, you need to know what you are doing and our relationship is one that has built up over the last six years. Jamu won't just let anyone touch him the way I do," he said.

Who doesn't love a good foot massage?

"We have 75 lions here at the park and I know everyone by name, Jamu is a star in his own right though," Larenty said.

Watch the video of Larenty giving a foot massage below.

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