Friendly Donkey Serves As A Guide For A Blind Horse

April 11, 2024

Meet Luna and Petey, an adorable duo whose heartwarming story is capturing the hearts of millions.

luna blind horse petey the donkey

Luna, now roughly 21 years old, was originally intended to be a trail horse. However, her journey took an unexpected turn when she began to lose her sight due to a condition known as moon blindness.

Despite the diagnosis, Luna's owner refused to let her spirits dim. Recognizing her resilience, he sought a companion to assist her in navigating the world.

Enter Petey, a devoted donkey with a heart of gold.

@peteytheseeingeyedonkey Here is a little background on Luna. If there is anything else you guys want to know, leave a comment and I will do my best to respond! #Luna #moonblindness #peteytheseeingeyedonkey #horsesoftiktok #donkey #trending ♬ Beautiful Paradise - Aga Alamsyah

Petey became Luna's guiding light, her very own seeing-eye donkey. With an intuitive sense of when Luna needs assistance, Petey steps in to lend a helping hoof.

Together, they form an inseparable bond, embarking on each day's journey hand in hoof.

Every morning, Petey leads Luna out of the barn and into the pasture.

@peteytheseeingeyedonkey Petey can be a bit much in the mornings, but he knows his job! #Peteytheseeingeyedonkey #Peteythetalkingdonkey #donkey #barnyard #donkeysoftiktok #Petey #Luna #trending #brayingdonkey ♬ snowfall - Øneheart & reidenshi

Every evening, Petey guides Luna back into the barn.

@peteytheseeingeyedonkey Luna listens for Petey’s footsteps to know where to go #Peteytheseeingeyedonkey #Peteythetalkingdonkey #donkeysoftiktok #trending #farmlife #moonblindness #horses #donkeytok ♬ snowfall - Øneheart & reidenshi

Their remarkable companionship has transcended beyond their barnyard, captivating the hearts of millions on social media.

Luna and Petey serve as a reminder that love knows no bounds and that through compassion and companionship, any obstacle can be overcome.

You can follow their beautiful journey on TikTok @peteytheseeingeyedonkey.

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