Mom Prints 81 Pages Of Taylor Swift Lyrics To Sing Along At Concert

May 15, 2023

A mother printed 81 pages of Taylor Swift lyrics so she could sing every word to every song at the concert.

mom prints out lyrics taylor swift concert
Maureen Gregory

Maureen Gregory, 62, recently attended the Taylor Swift concert at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia with her two daughters and a few other family members.

She became a viral sensation after another concertgoer filmed and posted a short clip of Maureen reading off the lyrics sheet during the show.

@luluuuuuu_ahmed And she didn’t mess up one word #taylorwiftconcert #philadelphianightone #erastourtaylorswift #erastour #phillyn1 #midnights @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound - Shrek

Maureen copied and pasted the words to every song on Taylor's set list into a Word document and printed the packet at her local Staples, where the employees were quite entertained, she said.

It was 81 pages, double-sided.

To make sure she could read it in the dark, she brought along a small reading light.

mom prints out lyrics taylor swift concert
Maureen Gregory

"She brought out the hymnal," one TikToker wrote.

"The church of Taylor Swift," another joked.

Maureen's daughter Caroline said she encouraged her mom to use her phone for lyrics but her mom insisted the words would be "too small".

"I made the font big enough so I could see it," Maureen said.

You can watch Maureen's full interview on CBS News.

@carolinedjgh Swifties, watch my mom on CBS tonight at 6:30 #taylorswiftconcert #erastourtaylorswift #erastour @Taylor Swift #erasphilly #erasphillynight1 @Shrek ♬ original sound - c_nussy

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