This Student Showed Up Dressed As Her Teacher On Superhero Day

March 13, 2023

An 8-year-old girl in Arkansas dressed as her 2nd-grade teacher on "Superhero Day".

student dresses teacher superhero day
Caroline and Jaime / Bentonville Schools

R.E. Baker Elementary in Bentonville encouraged students to "come dressed as your favorite superhero" on the last day of Spirit Week.

Teacher Jaime Deigh, who has taught at the school for 8 years, arrived to work that day to find her student, Caroline Carlson, dressed just like her.

"For her to think that she wants to look like me, and I'm her superhero just because of what we do together each day, it just really touched my heart," Deigh said.

Caroline's mom, Cortney, said all week her daughter was saying "I want to be like Miss Deigh. She is a superhero." So, she text messaged Deigh and asked her what she was wearing for Superhero Day.


Deigh said she was "blown away" when she saw Caroline walk into the classroom wearing a denim jacket over a school spirit shirt with jeans. Caroline even asked her mother to curl her hair to match Deigh's curly locks.

"The part that melted my heart was that she had her mom curl her [hair]…and she wanted her hair to look like mine," Deigh said.

The school's principal snapped a photo of the adorable moment and later shared it on the school district's Facebook page.

In an interview with Yahoo Life, Caroline said choosing to dress like Deigh was a no-brainer.

"Heroes don't have to have a cape or mask to be a superhero. They're just trying to change the world," Caroline told Yahoo Life. "Ms. Deigh is a great teacher. She doesn't just teach us 'teacher stuff.' She also teaches us how to be kind and responsible, and to be a good leader."

Caroline said the biggest lesson Deigh has taught her is to simply "spread goodness."

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