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Man Is Confused When He Walks In Brewery Restroom And Finds 3 Seashells

September 04, 2023 / 5,393 views

He doesn't know how to use the three seashells!

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800-Pound Mississippi Gator Shatters State Record As Largest Ever Caught

September 01, 2023 / 4,246 views

A colossal alligator weighing a staggering 800 pounds was captured in Mississippi, breaking the state record for the largest gator ever caught.

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Online Learning Challenges And How Students And Educators Can Overcome Them

September 01, 2023 / 1,352 views

The digital learning space has grown tremendously in recent years. This development results from tech advancement and the need to cut costs. But the coronavirus pandemic was the biggest contributor, forcing the world into online work and education systems.

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The 10 Most Captivating Epiphanies Of The Month

August 31, 2023 / 2,841 views

Welcome to our monthly compilation of mind-blowing revelations and enlightening moments. August 2023 edition.

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There Is No Blue Door: These Confusing Perspective Photos Will Hurt Your Brain

August 28, 2023 / 4,932 views

These confusing perspective photos are not for the faint of heart.

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These Tips Will Help You Get Through Your First Year In College

August 28, 2023 / 2,136 views

Congratulations on being accepted into your dream college.

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World's Only Spotless Giraffe Born At Tennessee Zoo

August 22, 2023 / 6,144 views

A Tennessee zoo has welcomed the world's only spotless giraffe. The young giraffe was born on on July 31 at Brights Zoo in Limestone, Tennessee.

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The Oldest Known Customer Complaint Letter From 1750 B.C.

August 21, 2023 / 4,197 views

A clay tablet dating back to 1750 BC appears to be the oldest written complaint in human history. Complaint Tablet to Ea-nasir.

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Man Drinks Entire Bottle Of Laxative, Shares Hilarious Play-By-Play Of The Next 8 Hours

August 17, 2023 / 11,338 views

A man in Austin, TX, drank an entire bottle of saline laxative. What followed can only be described as a hilarious misadventure that left him with a memorable story to share.

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Woman's Small Act Of Kindness Saves A Homeless Man's Life

August 14, 2023 / 6,214 views

The encounter between Casey and Chris serves as a powerful reminder that simple acts of kindness can have profound and life-altering consequences.

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Man's Response To 'What Is The Most A Dollar Has Gotten You?' Brings On The Happy Tears

August 08, 2023 / 5,461 views

What is the most a dollar has ever gotten you?

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Zoo Denies That Sun Bear Is A Human Wearing A Bear Suit

August 04, 2023 / 5,167 views

A Chinese zoo has denied the rumors that their resident sun bear is a human in a realistic bear suit.

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This Is What A Bear Without Fur Looks Like

August 04, 2023 / 3,984 views

Today I learned that bears without their fur look like giant rats.

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The 10 Most Captivating Epiphanies Of The Month

July 31, 2023 / 5,841 views

1. Since people only kill the spiders they see, humans are acting as an agent of natural selection, causing spiders to be selected for reclusion and intelligence. We are making spiders smarter.

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Effective Study Habits For Academic Success

July 29, 2023 / 3,033 views

Organization in college is a critical factor to academic excellence, and developing good study habits is one of the many ways to achieve organization.

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Rare Albino Crow Discovered In Connecticut

July 25, 2023 / 9,862 views

A rare albino crow has been spotted in Killingworth, Connecticut, leaving birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts in awe.

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