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This Doctor Has Been Showing Up After Weddings To Bring Back Flowers To Patients

27,660 views | Posted: July 10, 2021

A medical student at VCU School of Medicine founded and leads The Simple Sunflower, a service that delivers flowers - regifted from weddings and events - to patients at VCU Medical Center.

Police Officers Buy New Refrigerator, Groceries, For Elderly Woman In Need

13,507 views | Posted: July 18, 2021

A Texas police chief took the opportunity to boast about his staff after they helped deliver a refrigerator and groceries to an elderly resident in need.

At 70, She Was Huffing And Puffing Up Stairs. Now, At 75, She's Inspiring Millions

8,024 views | Posted: July 27, 2021

Joan MacDonald's fitness journey is inspiring both women and men to improve their quality of life -- and proving that it's never too late to be your best self.

A Bathroom Chat Led To Two Coworkers Saving Each Other's Husbands

7,836 views | Posted: July 6, 2021

Tia Wimbush and Susan Ellis both work at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta -- and both of their husbands were put on the transplant list in 2020.

A Drug Addict Stole His Dog, So He Offered To Pay For Her Treatment

6,872 views | Posted: July 8, 2021

When a man found out his beloved dog was stolen by a remorseful drug addict, he didn't call the police -- he offered to pay for her rehabilitation.

A Woman With Special Needs Wanted To Be A Cook, So This Restaurant Made It Happen

6,459 views | Posted: July 27, 2021

A restaurant in West Virginia is being celebrated for hiring employees with special needs.

Strangers Unite To Save People From A Building On Fire In Sweden

6,270 views | Posted: July 6, 2021

Complete strangers gathered together to save people from a burning apartment building. This happened in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Sunday evening.

This California Creek Bed Was A Wildfire Risk, Then The Beavers Went To Work

6,256 views | Posted: July 12, 2021

A California floodplain that looked like a wildfire risk has come back to life thanks to nature's engineers.

Parents Reunite With Son 24 Years After He Was Kidnapped

6,150 views | Posted: July 16, 2021

A Chinese man has finally been reunited with his son after a 24-year search that saw him travel over 300,000 miles across the country.

Donations Pour In For Mechanic Who Fixes Old Cars And Gives Them To People In Need

6,059 views | Posted: July 16, 2021

Eliot Middleton, a restaurant owner and trained mechanic in rural South Carolina, has been helping change people's lives by repairing old cars and donating them to families in need.

Teen Raises $39,000 For Children With Cancer By Cutting Afro

5,775 views | Posted: July 7, 2021

A 17-year-old in Huntsville, Alabama, has raised more than $39,000 for children with cancer by cutting his afro.

Woman, 99, And Boy, 2, Form Heartwarming Friendship During Pandemic

5,490 views | Posted: July 22, 2021

Two neighbors developed a strong bond amid the pandemic, despite a 97-year age difference.

Father Saves Twin Daughters From House Fire Despite Not Being Able To See

5,045 views | Posted: July 29, 2021

A father in Michigan ran into the basement of his burning home to rescue his baby daughters, suffering severe burns in the process.

This Cab Driver Has Been Delivering Groceries To Seniors For 15 Years

4,993 views | Posted: July 13, 2021

A Checker Cabs driver in Calgary has been delivering groceries to the elderly every weekend for the past 15 years.

High School Graduates Use Senior Trip Money To Help Their Community

4,673 views | Posted: July 9, 2021

Students from a high school in Maine have donated the $8,000 raised for their senior trip to help people in need.

Missing Dog Discovered Alive Inside Walls Of Cincinnati Home

4,514 views | Posted: July 20, 2021

A dog that had been missing for five days was finally rescued after she was found trapped inside the walls of a home.

Students Invent Wheelchair-Stroller So Father Can Take Newborn For Walks

4,501 views | Posted: July 26, 2021

A group of high school students in Maryland designed a wheelchair-stroller to help a father take his newborn son out for a walk.

'I Felt Like Spiderman': 7-Year-Old Boy Rescues Elderly Neighbor

4,444 views | Posted: July 30, 2021

A seven-year-old boy in Crewe, England, helped rescue his elderly neighbor who was trapped inside her house.

'Believe In Miracles': Paralyzed Bride Walks Down The Aisle At Her Wedding

4,287 views | Posted: July 21, 2021

An Indiana woman is overcoming the odds after an ATV crash left her paralyzed. Last week, she walked down the aisle at her wedding.

How The Gift Of A Doll Forever Shaped A Young Girl's Life

3,977 views | Posted: July 23, 2021

Forty years ago, a little girl handed a young refugee a doll. That small act of kindness shaped the course of the refugee's life and started a lifelong friendship.

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