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Soldier Says A Stranger's Christmas Card Got Him Through Vietnam. He Just Met The Sender

16,097 views | Posted: November 21, 2018

When John Metzler served in the Vietnam War, he got a Christmas card from a little girl he didn't know. He said it helped him get through the war.

Steph Curry Responds To Girl's Letter About Why His Shoes Do Not Come In Girls Sizes

13,592 views | Posted: November 30, 2018

A 9-year-old girl wrote a letter to NBA star Steph Curry pointing out that his shoes do not come in girl sizes, and not only did Curry respond, he made a change.

Bus Driver Lets Homeless Man Stay On Warm Bus All Night, Then Buys Him Dinner

13,488 views | Posted: November 28, 2018

On a cold night in Wisconsin, a Milwaukee County Transit System bus driver extended an act of compassion to a homeless man — and it was all caught on camera.

Volleyball Team Loses Everything In Fire But Still Shows Up To Match. The Opposing Team Has New Uniforms Waiting

11,154 views | Posted: November 19, 2018

The volleyball team from Paradise Adventist arrived to Forest Lake Christian in Auburn to find brand new custom jerseys, shorts, knee pads and socks waiting for them as well as truck loads of donated clothes.

Man Is Captured On Security Cam Returning Woman's Missing Wallet

10,408 views | Posted: November 17, 2018

A DC woman has found the Good Samaritan who was captured on her home security camera returning her missing wallet.

Soccer Player Consoles Ref Whose Mother Died During The Match

9,769 views | Posted: November 21, 2018

A soccer player for Netherlands consoled a referee after he learned that the official's mother had passed away during the game.

IKEA Opens Its Doors For Homeless Dogs During Cold Winter Months

9,324 views | Posted: November 23, 2018

An IKEA in Italy is providing a warm home for stray dogs during the freezing winter months.

Dog Helps Man Escape Camp Fire

9,164 views | Posted: November 27, 2018

A man has been reunited with his dog after his loyal companion helped him escape the Camp Fire in Paradise, California.

Restaurant Dishwasher Has Car Stolen, Coworkers Buy Him A New One

9,074 views | Posted: December 2, 2018

Kea Senegal had saved up for months to buy a car for his family, only to have it stolen. When his coworkers found out, they pitched in and bought him a new one.

Two Brothers Drive 4,500 Miles To Bring Food To Animals Affected By California Wildfires

9,026 views | Posted: November 26, 2018

Two brothers from Chicago drove to Northern California to bring a truckload of feed to help the animals that were affected by the devastating Camp Fire.

This Man Hosts A Free Thanksgiving Dinner Every Year For People Who Don't Want To Be Alone

8,702 views | Posted: November 20, 2018

Every Thanksgiving Scott Macaulay cooks dinner for strangers in his hometown of Melrose, Massachusetts. He's been doing it for the past 33 years.

These Young Men Drove To A Nearby Apartment Fire And Saved Many Lives

8,683 views | Posted: November 28, 2018

A group of young men in Dallas helped save many lives thanks to their quick thinking during a raging fire in an apartment complex.

Stranger Returns Lost Wallet And Adds Extra Cash

8,618 views | Posted: November 27, 2018

A Good Samaritan who found a lost wallet on a flight returned it to its rightful owner – and threw in some extra cash.

UPS Driver Adopts Shelter Dog Who Jumped Into His Truck

8,522 views | Posted: November 30, 2018

A UPS driver in New York was making the rounds when a dog from the Buffalo City Animal Shelter hopped in his truck and didn't want to leave.

Garbage Collector Rescues 93-Year-Old Woman From California Wildfire

8,456 views | Posted: November 15, 2018

A garbage man in California rescued a 93-year-old woman who was stranded in her Magalia home as a raging wildfire spread through the county.

Single Mom Of Three Wins Powerball Jackpot And Shares Her Wealth With Wounded Veterans

8,088 views | Posted: November 17, 2018

A single mother of three who just won $343.9 million announced Wednesday that she'll be giving a half million of her jackpot to a foundation that assists wounded veterans.

96-Year-Old Man Helped Save Bluebirds In Idaho By Building Over 300 Nest Boxes Across The State

7,984 views | Posted: December 1, 2018

A 94-year-old self-taught conservationist has committed the last four decades of his life to saving North America's bluebirds.

Antique Dealer Splits Proceeds With Homeless Man Who Found Rare Disney Artwork

7,934 views | Posted: November 22, 2018

A homeless man found rare artwork from Disney's 'Bambi' in a trash bin in Edmonton. When it sold for $3,700, the seller tracked him down to split the proceeds.

Miracle Home Saves Lives Of Hospital Evacuees During Wildfire

7,585 views | Posted: November 23, 2018

A California woman says her home 'served its purpose' after learning that her garage helped save lives during the deadly wildfire in Paradise, California.

Louisiana Couple Discovers They're Millionaires While Cleaning The House Before Thanksgiving

7,553 views | Posted: November 24, 2018

A couple in Mandeville, Louisiana, was tidying up their house this week before relatives arrived for Thanksgiving and found something to be very thankful for.

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