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Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check To Woman, She Rewards Him With Housing And A Job

9,187 views | Posted: November 25, 2017

A homeless man in New Haven, Conn., who returned a $10,000 check has been rewarded with cash, a home, and a job interview.

Kids Were Asked What They Want For Christmas And Their Requests Are Heartbreaking

8,752 views | Posted: November 20, 2017

Rayn Boncie is the CEO and Founder of Things of my Very Own, a non-profit organization in Schenectady, NY, that provides impoverished children who are victims of abuse and/or neglect with crisis intervention services.

Hero Cat Fights Off Rattlesnake To Protect Human Sister

6,917 views | Posted: December 6, 2017

A family cat in Orlando, Florida has been hailed a hero after he saved a little girl from the deadly fangs of a rattlesnake.

The Internet Helps Find A Toy Truck For A Mentally Challenged Man, Then Tonka Comes Through Huge

6,511 views | Posted: November 30, 2017

Every Christmas, she gets her mentally challenged brother the same toy truck but she could not find one anywhere this year. So she put out the request for help on Reddit.

Man Buys Stuffed Animals And Hands Them Out To Kids In The ER Dressed As Santa

6,397 views | Posted: November 25, 2017

A photo of a man with a cart full of stuffed animals is touching the hearts of many.

He Paid For The Order Of The Car Behind Him. The Kind Gesture Saved The Person's Life

6,307 views | Posted: December 8, 2017

Glen Oliver always pays for the person behind him in the drive-thru at his local Tim Hortons in Pickering, Ontario. On July 18, his act of kindness saved a life.

Coworkers Surprise Janitor With A New Puppy After His Dog Dies

6,262 views | Posted: December 4, 2017

A janitor for a bank in Howard County, Texas, was surprised with a puppy on his birthday after his coworkers learned that his dog had died.

Her Dad Died When She Was 16. He's Been Sending Her Flowers On Every Birthday Since

6,238 views | Posted: November 27, 2017

Bailey Sellers' father passed away from cancer when she was 16 years old , but be fore he died, he pre-paid for a floral delivery every year on her birthday.

Their Flight Was Delayed. So, They Broke Out An Accordion And Partied

5,988 views | Posted: November 22, 2017

Canadians made the best of a bad situation Monday night, when a group of them turned a delayed flight into a party.

Woman With Down Syndrome Makes History In Miss USA State Pageant

5,510 views | Posted: November 28, 2017

A young woman with Down syndrome has become the first woman with the disability to compete in the Miss USA state pageant.

These Two Met On 'Words With Friends'. Now They're Friends For Life

5,427 views | Posted: December 2, 2017

A young man's friendship with an 80-year-old woman is touching the hearts of many after he shared the story of how they met on Twitter.

Military Mom Learns Not All Soldiers Receive Care Packages So She Sends 10,000 Boxes

5,387 views | Posted: November 30, 2017

A Wisconsin woman has sent 10,000 care packages to U.S. military personnel serving overseas.

High School Seniors Hold A Funeral For A Homeless Veteran Who Died On The Streets

5,321 views | Posted: November 18, 2017

Seniors at Catholic Memorial High School in West Roxbury, MA, held a funeral for a homeless veteran who died on the streets, and had no living family members.

You Can Now Buy Goats, Chickens, Shoes And More For People In Third World Countries... From A Vending Machine

5,268 views | Posted: December 1, 2017

A church in Salt Lake City has created the first-of-its-kind charity vending machines.

Dentist Pays $15,000 Bill For Military Veteran's Dental Work

5,263 views | Posted: November 19, 2017

A Houston dentist met a U.S. Air Force veteran who was struggling with dental issues and decided to surprise him with $15,000 worth of dental work.

Holocaust Survivor Donates $1 Million To Wounded American Veterans To Express His Thanks

5,041 views | Posted: November 26, 2017

An 83-year-old Holocaust survivor is donating $1 million to organizations serving wounded American veterans.

12-Year Study Of 3 Million People Finds That Having A Dog Adds Years To Your Life

4,770 views | Posted: November 18, 2017

A new study recently published in Scientific Reports suggests that owning a dog will add years to your life.

Bearded Men Pose In Merman Calendar To Raise Money For Charity

4,754 views | Posted: November 21, 2017

A group of bearded Canadian men are raising money for charity with a 'dudeoir' Merman calendar.

Teacher Is Brought To Tears When Her Student Walks In With A New Bicycle

4,507 views | Posted: December 5, 2017

An 8th grade teacher's photo of a bicycle is helping to restore the world's faith in humanity this holiday season.

Blind Man Adopts Blind Triplets In 2010. They Just Earned The Highest Rank In Boy Scouts

4,506 views | Posted: December 3, 2017

18-year-old Colombia-born triplets Nick, Leo and Steven Cantos have each earned the rank of Eagle Scout, the highest rank in the Boy Scouts. The brothers credit their father Ollie Cantos with the remarkable achievement.

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