Woman Pretends To Be On A Phone Call And Uses All Her Dog's Favorite Words

February 27, 2023

A woman named Ciee pretended to be on the phone and used all of her dog's favorite words to see how he would react.

While not paying attention to him, she says words like "walk" and "ride" and "Chic-fil-a" and each time he gets more interested and confused.

When she said "maybe go to Petco and get some toys" he had enough.

@cierraazhane That’s what he gets for being in my conversation 🤣 #funny #viralvideo #comedy #viral #fyp #foryou #jokes #dog #prank #explore ♬ original sound - Ciee

And yes, in a follow-up video she took her pup to the store to get him all the things.

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