Little Girl Asks Grandpa To The Daddy-Daughter Dance

February 20, 2023

A video of a little girl asking her grandfather to the Daddy-Daughter Dance is bringing viewers to tears.

5-year-old Austyn Woolverton lost her father when she was just one year old.

Mom Kelsey Woolverton says her father, Austyn's grandfather, is her daughter's best friend.

So, when the local gym was hosting their annual Daddy-Daughter Dance, Austyn asked her grandfather to be her date by drawing a picture of the two of them together.

"But we need our dad to go there," Austyn says in the video. "Will you go with me?"


I’m not crying….

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

On Feb. 8, Austyn and her grandfather attended the Daddy-Daughter Dance.

Woolverton posted another video that shows Austyn getting ready for the big dance, along with heartwarming photos and video clips from the event.

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"They had a great time," Woolverton shared.

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